Saturday, 12 July 2014


I have just been to the Viva Mayr Clinic again, where everybody around me seems to have tummies full of parasites.  Looking slightly pregnant gives the game away.  I look on my computer to see how many parasites can fill a gut, and  boy oh boy, I find a huge list of wriggly creatures  eating everything and breeding inside our tummies.  As dogs all get wormed I join up to get the tests.  I wish I had not, because everybody else looked well and sprightly, and the medicine prescribed to me, left me horizontal.  However, during easier moments,  I had a brilliant time laughing with the inmates.  A mixture of funny wonderful people, who made the time there fly by.

Why the Viva Mayr? It is in my opinion one of the best spas to go to. They  really care, about a healthy and intelligent way to lead your life. Tricky to keep to in real life. In this spa, which is reasonably comfortable, you lose weight and deal with related problems quickly.  Within two or three days I have gone down two or three pounds which makes me feel cheerful. My son is told that he has a minor medical problem, and a friend of mine is diagnosed with Candida. All in a mere three days.  It is efficient, with good food and provided you are not given starvation rations, which can happen,  it is very tolerable. Nobody is fully aware that parasites and Candida adore sugar.

There are many problems with obesity nowadays I have no idea why the doctors and government do not give everybody  amphetamine?  Why are they prescribing elastic bands? They work, but why not encourage the piggies in our environment to enjoy slimmer bodies earlier?. Why leave it, when everything has gone out of hand and you have over three stone to lose. Depressed and miserable?
Some people, like me,  need help to lose weight. To leave it too late only means that it is a major undertaking. It costs a fortune on our health service. To put in an elastic band is probably about 12,000 pounds. Some pills for six months, 500 pounds. The Mayr Clinic roughly 3500 euros a week. To be happy and slimmer at a lower price,  evan better don't put sugar in your mouth in the first place?
Breakfast on a boiled egg with gluten free bread and a piece of goats cheese.
Luncheon Fish/chicken with boiled vegetables or some avocado moose
Dinner soup
Easy to follow for life.

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