Thursday, 3 July 2014


London is a social whirlwind and I love it. So many images swish by. At the beginning of the week I went to the Marriott in North London a rather scruffy hotel, but so much fun in a weird way. I ended up at the top table full of The Bomber Command from the second world war to celebrate Brian Epstein, Manager of the Beatles, at last being rewarded wit a blue plaque. It was unveiled at Sutherland House next door to the London Palladium where he ran his NEMS Enterprise Management Agency managing the Beatles.
I love the gentle lyrics of the Beatles, boys from out of town, next door to the rough tough lyrics of Mick Jagger and the Rolling Stones. The lunch was in support of the Bombers that saved Great Britain during World War Two. At my table medals were on every top pocket, I was with the best company thanks to in invitation from Julius Just, the magical fixer for the late, Robin Gibbs, for many years.

Masterpiece was on, the intricately put together, artefacts, stunningly on view to the audience. A party  to celebrate the talented David Bailey was given. I went with two wonderful women, Jessica Andrews and Henriett Tunyogi. Talented and feisty we laughed all the way round the show, spending in our heads 200 million. In aid of the brilliant foundation "Marie Curie", the charity that supports cancer care, hosted by Heather Kerzner, who should, for her work get an OBE.

Good news also for Tracey Emin's bed, it reached the huge sum at Christies of 2.5 million, a great birthday present, and good news for any artist that their works go up in value. Last night Tracey spoke at her birthday party at Marks Club, and admitted that it was an incredible moment in her life. She was surrounded by loving friends from Joan Collins to Vivienne Westwood. That she never believed she would be standing there, saying that work, that had been devised 16 years before, would have been so successful.  I am so happy for her, in awe of her achievements.

 The Serpentine Gallery Summer party, which was again celebrating the opening of the new Pavilion by Architect, Smiljan Radic from Chili. It looked like the Flintstones house, a rock with a heart. Guests included actress Keira Knightley and Caroline Stanbury from Ladies of London. What fun that must be would love to join them from their series, cross fingers.

I was lucky to go with Alice Naylor Leyland from the wonderful Alice in her Palace blog,.
Grayson Perry looked spectacular, definitely number one on my best dressed list. A parody, but so much fun.

I want to rush round to Simon Lee's gallery and buy photographs of Larry Clark's for a mere one hundred pounds.
They had sports too, surprisingly enough, and I am good with balls so I played netball with Pam Hoggs and went surfing too.

Good news, my hair was approved by the very pretty actress Anna Friel, it was bullied into shape by Natalia Souza from the soon opening salon, for quick blow dries, called "Duck and Dry:. She is a little genius with a brush. Of course I am not forgetting Angela Kalinowski, in Los Angeles and Snowden Hill, she is just a pretty girl, who I see every morning in London, where beauty and cheerfulness is a rarity.

Foyles bookshop opened their Archeological Department in Charing Cross Road,  with Graham Hancock, a named Anti Christ in their circles. The author of "Fingerprints of the gods" will stay with me for the rest of my life.

I then ran to the BFI to listen to the very witty, Easy Rider director, the great  Peter Fonda,  with the BFI,  followed by a delicious private dinner at the Cafe Royal.

With a midnight swim in a romantic pool, nothing could have been better.

VENICE FILM FESTIVAL 2013 Hair done by Natalia Sousa
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