Wednesday, 16 July 2014

MY TOP THREE COUTURE SHOWS ARE FIGHTING FIT IN PARIS a little joy in the midst of war.

I could start the blog today about the furious fighting between the Middle East in all its sectors. Nobody in my opinion is right and the only people happy in this story are the gun runners probably sunning themselves in some Gin Palace on the Riviera, while the worker bee terrorists are busy killing  each other. Every Summer when I book my ticket to Lebanon, to see the land of my birth, something stops me. Is it the heat? What is it? I think everybody believes themselves to be right. When you harm someone else in any shape of form, in whatever you do, you are no longer right. This week I had to go through another type of war, a war in the toy box, "boys with their toys" it used to be about a villa now it is about an hotel. Never mind, somebody stealing your time is theft, but that is another matter, so I shall talk about couture.

 I went to Paris, which is one of my most favourite cities in the world. It is where I fell in love twice  in my beautiful flat that once belonged to Tamara de Lempicka and which I lovingly restored. I adored my bedroom there, cream silk with black lace. Truly I wish I had kept it.

I shall talk about my highlights of last weeks shows. Couture is a matter of extravagance and eccentricity for me. My top three designers were the following.  I loved the Shiaparelli Collection by Marco Zanini a collection, that I found the most  mystical and flamboyant, the look of Marlene Dietrich entering the party as a secret spy.  Clothes I wanted to wear. Clothes I dream of. The glamour of an age we need to bring back. A central park squirrel, the sequins, the stories of Simone de Beauvoir struck a chord. Yes I wanted every piece. Stephen Jones's hats were perfect and I shall be knocking on his door for this particular beret. However you cannot buy style you create it from thrift shops, from the back of your wardrobe, by using eccentric pieces. So you can all get the look and idea without leaving your bank balance empty.

I long for days of unusual occurrences.  There is only Karl Lagerfeld left for this. Although I hated the pudgy making shorts under skirts with flat shoes and spiky hair, he was ahead and he created fabulous modern looks. I loved them, I thought about them, I won't wear them, yet I liked and hated them. Let's be honest he is the most contemporary man alive pushing the boundaries of  what we wish to wear as a woman.
Short and fat he made hip this season. Yet his wedding dress was truly what I desire, if I was ever to tread those boards again I will beg him to dress me.

My old friend Giambattista Valle made me feel that his clothes were already on the yachts of Southern Italy, with a young voluptuous  Sofia Loren wardrobe. His collection was sexy 1950's brought up to the minute. It had a demure factor also.Yes he has the "IT" factor.
Yes he is now, and yes I wanted so many pieces. I loved the horizontal stripes.

Wearable clothes with a twist. I loved the shine the see through, the elegance.

I wanted this skirt.
I loved it.

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