Wednesday, 11 June 2014


I am extremely frugal over beauty products, I add water to them to make them last,  it is like a war in my house, I simply do not throw anything away until it is the bitter end. . I will use every little bit of a lipstick up.

 I like someone to come round in the morning and whip me into shape. It stops a depression and makes me look good in the park. The other day I was asked if there was a fashion show in the park?.

 I think though there are some ideas that should be considered. Not caring what I use, and just grabbing what is in the cupboard is sometimes not great.

I am fussy about lipsticks as I have a problem with red lipstick on my teeth which drives me crazy. So I like ones that last 24 hrs and are like car paint, the cheaper the better, no7 Precision is brilliant, with red lip gloss from YSL. Eye liner from Tom Ford is brilliant, eye defining pen is a must. Charlotte Tilbury, Chanel and YSL all have foundations that are good it depends what suits you. Before the age of 48 I did not wear any at all.

 I like gels, which I try to always do in Los Angeles, where I use Nails by Design and Annie.  They last for two weeks.
Here in London I use Zaida?

Wedding make up and hair
can be a day to remember. I think that a bride looks better when she is looking her natural best. As she is being photographed all day her hair should stay looking the same as when she first had it done, without ten cans of hairspray. It has to be touchable for the groom later on. . A bride does not want to be seen with a tin of hair spray keeping everything together and white powder to keep herself from having a shiny nose..
The best make up I have ever seen on a bride is by Charlotte Tilbury's make up for Poppy Delevingne's wedding. Totally ravishingly natural. Elegant and pretty without looking as if she had much on. I did not even notice her hair.

Skin I am always being asked "What do I put on my skin" This makes me laugh as I have always had terrible skin until I met Jean Louis Sebagh, who told me to have the progesterone coil  and use a scrub cream he made up for skins like mine. At the time he told me"I can't have a spotty girlfriend" I was spotty I had huge spots the size of two pound pieces. His ideas cured everything. Along with a better diet. I am not brilliant in this area but at least there is some green in my fridge and my plates are a little more colourful. My son always tells me to throw out all sugar, flour and corn from my cupboards. To have a protein diet only with well fed animals, e.g. fed on grass. Corn is not good for a hen so it won't be good for us. Go vegetarian.
Now Dr Sebagh has an incredible machine that can tighten the flabby muscle inside on. I looked three years younger and fresher in one week.
As you get older I think that you have to look honestly in the mirror and see what you have. If you are a pretty woman stay pretty, if you are not generally pretty, try funky.  Round shoes on round women and pointy on thin.  However there are some exceptions, if you have great ankles, pointy look best.
Try to remember vitamin D, it is an essential hormone we forget about. It is not a vitamin.
Apart from making us feel happier, it helps there bone growth, in the old it stops osteoporosis  and is thought to stop diabetes.  It is essential. Walk in sunshine.
Now going back to hair and make up. I do not, as I grow older want to look like a camp old has been.  I want to have my hair done, in a creative way, but not full of extensions to my waist, and Saturday night make up on a Tuesday morning. I have done this look, and I do not want to look like a cartoon. Pretty on me is best despite me loving the camp look.  If you have not a clue then check out the make up line at Charlotte Tilbury, she has every look that you can think of and it can be delivered to your door, without the over sell from staff on a shop floor. Less is more.

I use Snowden Hill party hair, fashion shows. He is opening a "Bow Dry Bar" in August called Duck and Dry and so is available for everybody.  He is incredibly creative, and the best for something unique.  In Los Angeles I use Angela Kalinowski who can dye my hair and whip it into a romantic shape in a matter of minutes.  For make up I use Natalya Souza, and hair also,  who is an assistant to Snowden. I love lashes, and for evenings out  and parties in London, I use Natalya and  Emma O'byrne. In Los Angeles I like to use Tonya Crooks and Gia Sinatra. Tonya Crooks is the eyebrow girl I love best. She gives me Cara brows in seconds.

Of course at the age of 54 I want to keep up my game, watch my diet, feed my brain with interesting thoughts, not bang on about health and beauty, have balance in all areas,  all in order to get offers to make love in a swimming pool. 

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