Tuesday, 3 June 2014

"Kissing is the new Botox"

Getting ready for Summer at any age is fun. I swear saying "I love you" makes me younger, try it and see that your mouth immediately becomes wetter and more alluring.  Kissing, well I swear "kissing is the new Botox" I know laughter and merriment kicks off our DNA and keeps old age at bay. Kissing in water is the best. Try it and you will see. I love Botox, I don't use filler but you can see the pluses and minuses everywhere you look.
I like putting on a Norma Kamali swimsuit with my Saint Laurent high heels, and playing around like a teenager. Of course I had to prepare with a little help of from some new fake tan magic in a bottle. I have a wonderful girl or two, who come round making me a gorgeous brown and giving me little definition, that is, of course fake.  But, your body somehow comes alive. It sprints back into youth in a matter of minutes, hiding, a multitude of sins.
The thing I like most about England is that is easy to get kissed. In Los Angeles you could  become a 'nun like' creature who spends hours perfecting her pelvic floor muscles, only to be taken out by yet another gay man. So, despite the hours spent on upkeep, you are never looked after.
For makeup I like to check QVC and have found that Joan Collins has many ideas on how to retain sexiness that few have even in their twenties, check out her lipsticks.. She is clearly kissed and loved. You can see.
Pharrell Williams got it right when he wrote "Happiness is the truth" You only find that within you as we know.
I have done many things this week, dinners, galleries but the most fun was seeing the Chiltern Firehouse Hotel .  I arrived 15 minutes early.  Despite the aggressively  trained USA human Rottweilers at the door, which would normally have me screaming, running away down the street.  I thought I was entering the doors of hell, it actually, once I was allowed to enter, became interesting.  After all, the hotel, was plush and fun, in a trendier part of Marylebone.  Door security  like this in London, is rather rare, not necessary and generally obnoxious . The food made up for everything though, as did a sweet Swedish waitress, and I ate Crab doughnuts, raw pork with some sort of sauce, and delicious pureed sweet potatoes, worth the calories, as did the restaurant's hostesses friendly apology when the staff could see I was becoming very upset. Book three weeks ahead for this wonderful find in London.

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