Wednesday, 18 June 2014

FROM MY UNCLE.. words of advice for old age.

This bloody old age thing is something for which nobody ever gives you instruction .There is solace in a wonderful family , which is what I anticipated having, but neither you or I have that advantage.You have to muster the courage to face the decay of the body and compensate by using the mind as long as one has one .Besides you have the Boys!

I know you must have urbanity, but fix on a new identity, invent a new password for life and stick to it with all the determination possible. Fate is not an evil but it creeps up on you like a rat. It's futile to imagine that the final half of existence is going to be picnic in Eden.
Keep your house in CW or consider a smaller more convenient/adaptable setup .Our place here is a geriatric gymnasium . All the baths have gone and showers, which I have always disliked,  are sprinkling everywhere. The humiliations that are inevitable can be muted by planning .
 But the essential message everyone has to take on board is make a plan  [which is never going to be seamless or perfect]  have a glass of champagne and STICK TO the plan.
Stumbling along on Sunset isnt too different from tottering around Park Lane!!  The problems will be identical-just a matter of geography has to be decided. Why not keep modest workable footholds in both? I am certain that if you sustain a workable plan and refrain from continually changing your mind, the emotional and financial stress will abate .Dont always be seeking other voices and other rooms .


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