Saturday, 14 June 2014


I woke up the other day, I discovered why I suffer from depression, you won't believe it but I learnt it from of course Shakespeare. "There is nothing good or bad, but thinking makes us think it so" Hamlet.
Well, that explained everything. Clearly, for a supposed ditzy blonde I think too much.
I also learnt the masculine and feminine of blonde, male is blond and female blonde. Well I am glad I have always used the latter.

I also learnt to understand cricket this week, well just enough not to be thought to be a total fool. I notice it copies the circle of life. I always liked the sound of cricket, and was very good at rounders at school. Just decided that while in Battersea park, I would ask some eight year olds what it was all about. They told me in great detail.
Later that night I went to Marina Abramovic's show at the Serpentine, which was mind blowing whether you loved it or hated it, most people followed like sheep and talked in whispers. It  has got most of the press talking. There were so many differing opinions. I luckily did not have to queue as I might have shot myself. There were at least 150 people ahead of me on the opening night. The only thing to do is to become a sponsor of the Serpentine Gallery, which I suggest you all do. Rushka Bergman and I swiftly entered with our hands stamped, our mobiles confiscated, selfles were out and no talking. A tricky combination for everybody nowadays, who are passionate about social media, however this was social media at its best.We entered the gallery which felt like church. I stood around and saw Marina's hand placed on a mans shoulder. At that moment a person came up to me and took me to another room and placed me in a corner. I hate being in the corner. I immediately wanted to have tourettes and giggled nervously. I wanted to scream. In church I am very good, I sing. Here I felt like a naughty school girl, and was dying to scream aloud. There is something mesmerising about this powerful woman, Marina is the high priestess of the art world. She has struggled, she has changed, she is beautiful, her long black hair has the "it" factor. She is strong, and you feel that you would not win if you had a battle with her.

Last year I had an incredible evening with Marina. She lay on my bed in Venice and we chatted about everything. This latest show challenges contemporary life, and the way we live it. Quite right too, however it is another generation telling us it is wrong? Is it wrong? Are selfless so bad? If you have nothing to hide, in my opinion they are fun. I would love to have had a photograph of me in the corner.
Anyway once in the corner I immediately became entrepreneurial, and found ways to get out of this hallowed place. I imitated the stooges and gently took my next door neighbours hand and left. Woof, poof and into the warm evening air.

Marina's previous work was equally moving and I will paste it here. Totally different.

Later I went to Sean Scully's vast paintings at the Timothy Taylor gallery. Large horizontal  stripes in greys and greens. I love his work, if only I could afford it
I then went round to corner to the opening of Roxanda Illincic. The new shop in Mount Street is dark and opulent.  Roxanda stands tall and ravishing. Her colourful childlike clothes looked dashing on Joely Richardson. I am too round to do them  justice, but made every effort to support her. I scrunched up the skirt until it was above my knees and wore a belt with  Help on it from Lanvin. Laughing with my friend Rushka Bergman, who flew in from New York to see her two great friends from Serbia. Yes, both Roxanda and Marina are Serbs. Tall spirited women.

The  evening ended with a generous dinner at Harry's Bar for 85 people. I like Harry's Bar. I had not been there for ages, but they still remember who I am. "Good evening Mrs Eliasch, how are you"
I admire people who remember names..
A long day for Rushka from New York..but worth it.
We even managed to to see the Ant exhibition room at the Saatchi Gallery.  Huge ants making their home on white walls. They are large a creepy and worth peep. By Raphael Gomezbarros from Columbia. This for me was totally exhilarating.
Rushka Bergman at the Saatchi Gallery.

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