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Woman are beginning to make a dent in the all too male populated film industry, or are they?.  Can we do it? Do we have the right energy? We definitely have the imagination.  In the past females were given incredible opportunities and made films beautifully. My favourite female director, Liliana Calvani  with The Night Porter made in 1974, dark, erotic, and sick, then there was  Lena Wertmuller with Swept Away.  Funny though that these women were Italian and it is now forty years ago? We seem in many ways to go backwards.

 Sofia Coppola, and the only Palme d'or winner, and head of this years Cannes  Film Festival, Jane Campion, are busy forging their way through the very male dominated profession.  With the prettiness of model Cara Delevingne and the strong willed Sharon Stone and huge star Nicole Kidman, women are  seen as sex symbols, shining stars, of course, as long as they are attractive, brilliant or young?.
This year  though let's be honest only two films out of eighteen were  chosen at The 67th Cannes  FF, were actually directed by women, despite the predominately female jury starring Jane Campion, actress Carole Bouquet, Female American director Sofia Coppola , Actor Jeon Do-yeon and actor Leila Hatami. The two films by female directors that made it through were  Le Meraviglie by Alice Rohrwacher and Futatsume No Mado by Japanese director Naomi Kawase. So who chooses the films? Men?   Does it matter.? Well, yes it does, because without a fairer distribution to the female population we will rebel. Why are there no American Female Directors chosen, where is Lynn Ramsey? I loved "It's all about Kevin"  Why is Jane Campion not directing a film at this second, instead of running the jury, or may be she is? Where are the female film directors? Where is Sally Potter, another of my favourites?  There is so much more to do. With problems for women all over the world we need to battle on with our message. (Good luck lovely Sam Taylor Wood with those  Fifty  Shades of Grey. If Liliana Calvani can  make her film and it should be brilliant).

Two years ago when I decided to make my film, my ex husband was teasing me, as you may remember, that I could not do it, which made me more determined to make one.  Never having made a film before. I did my best to encourage the brave people who watched my film,to  sit up and listen to another woman's story.  Not that mine is the best story, but The gun the cake and the butterfly  it should be counted. It is now being sold at Cannes and I feel very proud, that I actually achieved so much with so little experience. Despite it winning 7 awards in smaller more exclusive festivals, it did not get into Cannes. This was a lesson in itself, it can be sold there, but it did not get in. Brave festivals, that gave me a chance, are run throughout America.  Roberto Rizzo's NYCIFF,  loves women; The new media film festival run by  Susan Johnstone, loves them too.  Melody Storm  from the Bel Air FF full supports the female population and the Ischian Film and Music Festival run by Pascal Vicedomini, only thinks of supporting women, so why is Cannes still prejudiced?

Of course they see my film as a Vanity project. Indeed it is,  Anything that anybody does well is essentially based on one of the  seven deadly  sins" Vanity". I believe you cannot do anything well unless it is based on this sin. People get paid lots of money to be vain otherwise you would have another job than show business. The luckiest people I have found are the hardest working. So with this in mind I happily ventured out of my box and did my story.

When women are fighting to have an education let alone anything else, surely the film industry should help them reflect this?. Has it all got to be kitchen sink drama, people getting executed to win?. A film should after all, be  the conscience opener to the viewer?


Women were always powerful, It is why the men of the Middle East cover them up, it is why the film world use them to advertise the film rather than make them, however they use their looks and not necessarily their intelligence. This is my point.
So with semi support I suggest you female film makers pick up a camera and tell your story follow your instinct and just "DO" You only do not succeed if you don't do it.
Girls next year, fight for what you believe in. Make your films on whatever budget you can and prove you have it. One day it won't matter to the men in power, they will be forced to accept you.
Congratulations Emy Sebagh on making your first film, Think Normal.

Checked out the Rich List

P.S If you feel accomplished just being rich, well done you have your cash register, but next to Bill Gates you are probably poor. The men look as if they are cab drivers, in fact the cab driver looks better.
Definitely the chirpy chappy at the flower market is going to be much more attractive.
You need no money at all to be sexy, horny, at loveable.
The wicked queen never becomes the happy one. I am just being a girl.

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