Saturday, 3 May 2014


I am always being nagged that I am some sort of socialite which makes me think of some dilettante lying out in the sun, getting my nails done and relying on an endless supply of invitations from top jewellers and charities around the world.  This drives me crazy. The truth is I only like to work and collect art.
 I am no Peggy Guggenheim, but I do have a collection of artwork that I would like to one day house in a museum.  I do also own one pair of sunglasses by Andy Wang, which I love.   I am very much Amanda Eliasch, drama queen,writer and lover of anything romantic and pure.  I like to be naughty not bad.
 I love being sociable but although I am appreciative of being invited to wonderful events, I am equally happy working myself to death. That is how I would like to be seen.

The reality is I get up at 4am and work pretty much until I drop in the evening. My latest endeavour has given birth at  the opening of my film The gun the cake and the butterfly at the Arclight on Monday. That is the way I like it. Hard work keeps me happy. I love creating and making my ideas into a reality.
The story of went like this. My friend Tim Willis said "I wish Facebook would remove all dead people, it is disconcerting seeing their pages when they are dead" I said "I like it, but why don't we open our own memory box to store them".  I then went to artist Vincenzo Demaar and asked him to create a precious place in the clouds to keep meaningful memories for the public and family whatever you, the user desire. Four months later I have given birth to in BETA.  Please see if you like it and use it freely.  I just wanted to hear my mother's singing voice one more time, to see my children growing up. Things like that. Not everything I want to publicised on FACEBOOK, I  love FACEBOOK so much, it is as good as any newspaper. I have learnt so much on it too. My friends are intelligent and interesting.

On another note I love fashion. I am thrilled that the Met Ball has gone to the extreme, after last years punk look,  and backed the mighty couturier Charles James, who was born in 1906. He was educated at Harrow School, English born to an army officer in the British Army. His mother a huge snob from Chicago. With this combination of the English Upperclass crossed with American design he rose to become perhaps America's greatest fashion designer?.  I think they are as modern today as yesterday. Despite Marc Jacobs apparently being appalled, I think that he should take note and see the clothes have a very elegant, and I personally am sick to death of the sloppy dressing that is fashionable at the moment. His clothes would make us stand up straight, his ideas were personified by the very rich and certainly in many circles they are as wonderful now as they were then.



Oh for a dress like this, so Gone with the Wind…
so romantic. 

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