Saturday, 17 May 2014


What is the matter with people that they have to be so horrid? I find the comments that people make at the bottom of newspaper articles repellent.

There was a saying when I was young: "If you can't say anything nice, then don't say anything at all"  The English are in danger of becoming a nation of haters.

The newspapers allow comments, they allow freedom of speech. However, online readers and commentators should be ashamed. The human race seems to have no kindness, understanding or interest.

I often wonder what vile faces they have, that causes them to write with such malicious intent. Today they pulled apart Nicole Kidman, a fine actress playing the part of Princess Grace of Monaco. Whether the film is good or not, they pulled her apart for no good reason.

My only comment to the family is this: you could have no finer portrayal than Miss Kidman.  Why we have to have her plastic surgery habits discussed is really of very little interest – except that within reason, why should she not have upkeep?

Miss Kidman looking every bit the Princess.

Most beauty and fashion journalists sneak off for freebies at several doctors I know. For my part, I am boycotting all comments as they have no relevance to my life or anybody else's, and are obviously written by people who are totally illiterate.  Why they want to lay into people I have no idea?

On another note, yesterday I went to the ravishing wedding of Poppy Delevingne at St Paul's, Knightsbridge. I love English weddings, the smell of summer flowers and candles. We listened to my favourite pieces of music, The Pachalbel Canon and the Vivaldi Gloria, which I have sung regularly throughout my life.  Poppy looked stunning in a dress by Chanel. Karl Largerfeld you are a genius.
I went  with Trinny Woodall who wore a  vintage Prada dress, while I wore a Victoria Beckham skirt with a white pleated skirt underneath and my favourite Stephen Jones hat. I love Poppy and her mother. Her mother stopped me being bullied when I was five years old, and beaten with a club. I will never forget her kindness. She actually cannot remember this, but I do. She has a natural purity.We then went to Kensington Palace for a delicious tea, where I saw all my old friends.
Charles Delevingne, Poppy Delevingne with  Cara in the background.

I have to say that, in defence of Botox and Nicole Kidman, those mothers who have not had any over the age of 55 are beginning to look worse for wear.

Why not play with time?, It is fun to be able to squeeze a few more years out of the ticking clock. Considering everything is available, from hormones, Botox, filler and  to face masks online, I do not understand the English woman not taking full advantage of a very reasonable and accessible way of staying looking attractive.

Nicole obviously had just visited the doctor; and in a few weeks' time, her face will calm down and she will look as fresh as  daisy. Why not? The French the Italians and The Americans all do.

The English with their freckled faces are full of trenches that were once lines. All because dogma makes women feel insecure about keeping up their appearances.

People can do what they want, but why not have fun? No point in wearing Valentino if your face looks the crocodile and not your bag.

Perhaps the writers are not illiterate and they agree with the funny Dorothy Parker: "If you can't say anything nice about someone…come and sit next to me."

Amanda Eliasch with Stephen Jones hat and Andy Wang glasses, white Prada jacket with Trinny Woodall in Vintage Prada.

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