Thursday, 15 May 2014


I arrived back in London two days ago. Trying to adjust my body time clock is increasingly tricky. I came over on the new British jumbo jumbo jet which was definitely more comfortable than anything I had travelled on before. I swiftly fell asleep.
 I feel I never relax, I have just moved yet again from a house that I liked in Hollywood. This time I bought one next to a neighbour who suffers from a necessity to scream obscenities morning noon and night.  He said to me two weeks ago "Who is the pretty woman in the car this time, is it the gardeners whore?" There are limits to all things. Another time he told my housekeeper he was going to chop off her head.
Personally I had to leave. He would scream as he picked up leaves from a Magnolia tree outside his house. I have warned the new owners of the house, but they seem to find him charming. I wish I did, as he screamed or chuckled the night away.  He suffers from Tourettes. He was a hoarder who kept jars of tomato sauce out in the garden, he told me once that he went shopping only when the prices were low.
Nobody seemed to look after him, except for me, despite the annoyance.
My great friend Fizzy Barclay

I have arrived back to sunshine, I was given a second birthday party by my good friend Fizzy Barclay at Zuma. My first was in the garden of Kay Saatchi's. A beautiful day with delicious food.

Socialite or sociable?  I decided to venture out to see the couturier  Lucy Tamman put on her first art show last night. Showing sustainable art, reminding us of what is valuable in this wild concrete world of ours. The winner will be printed, and used in her next collection.
A wonderful black wool coat with lace was on show, I immediately wanted to put in my order. Unusual and flattering.

I then went to Dylan Jones lecture on Vanity with Nicky Haslam on behalf of Intelligence Squared, at Selfridges. The most amusing discussion on the quest for male beauty, questioning the importance of male glamour and make up. I personally think it is essential. I love men taking care of themselves. I love a dandy. The boys discussed at break neck speed the necessity of eye make up and sartorial elegance. The vainest men in England were according to them, Tony Blair, David Cameron, William Hague and David Beckham. Although Nicky of course questioned David Beckham.  I think the audience were confused between conceit and vanity. I think vanity is a considerable asset to your fellow human beings, a necessity. Who wants to see scruffy  unwashed men around? Not me!.

NICKY HASLAM AND  DYLAN JONES in Selfridges for  Intelligence Squared.

I have come home for a rest, I have been filming for a month my every move for a television show in Los Angeles. Suggested by Dan Snow at Anarchy Post. I realised how much fun the camera is. Edited again by Hector Abaunza. Moving yet again and being a part of Britweek, has been incredible. Now for the new
With Justine Glenton, Dani Behr, my housekeeper, Francesca and Publicist,  Sean Bourg, the 5 minute sizzler is at least amusing.
Dani Behr rocking hippy Coachella chic whilst I am dressed in black leather in Rick Owens and Andy Wang

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