Monday, 14 April 2014


With a full moon the world tends to go upside down, so with that in mind I got out my recipe for a sage spring clean. It was not the easiest of days, but all days cannot be as beautiful, or I would find it tricky to appreciate the truly truly beautiful. Slitting my wrists is not an option so I have to be brave if old dirt is picked up by  lazy  press yet again.  Luckily Zoe Moon warned us this week that there could be upheaval.
Why journalists, choose to make me interesting attached to someone else is unbelievable when the stories are ten years old. They of course cannot write that someone is actually happy, on the front cover of two magazine in Hollywood,  having won several film festivals. Of course their writing is just a reflection of their lives, not anybody else's. Truth is I am well, touch wood, clean and serene, as per usual. I could send a press release, but why bother?

I am very happy and people just cannot stand merry sunshine. I think when they see someone smiling, they feel it is time to remove it.
My film is doing well, I love where I live, and have new art projects on the go. The comments are written by people who get off on being especially unkind are not for me. I wish the journalists well and my family too.  That is who the press truly hurt, not me.
So what are the ten things you should do when feeling fragile.

1. Turn off your telephone, it is essential.
2. Take a Kundalini Yoga class with Normandie Keith and chant at Golden Bridge..
3. Go to the wonderful Canyon Grocery shop where  Mama Cass lived in the basement and Jim Morrison lived in Love Street, next door. The place is steeped in mystery and I want to know more. I am taken downstairs to check the street exit. This is a place to visit when you arrive in Los Angeles and want to do something truly authentic, and listen "She lives in Love Street".

4. Go to the church on Fairfax where Elizabeth Taylor married and pray.
5.  Discover the best art  in Los Angeles.
6.  Plan a week end at the Coachella Festival.
7.  Become friends with the ever smiling Derek Blasberg, and if needs be learn some manners from his Cat Video..
8.. Dare to go an knock on Werner Herzhog's door and beg for wisdom for the jungle.
9. If you really need a relook demand a shoot with Mert and Marcus.
10. Get a Samsung notebook 3 and start your instagram life in style.

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