Wednesday, 2 April 2014


I have made myself get over one or two phobias, not rats or conmen, but driving, and living on my own. Anyway, what intelligent blonde would want someone in their bed who had to receive two thousand pounds to be there? Who would want a room full of rats running around the floor? Of course they are phobias too, but luckily not in my view at the moment.
I decided to get into my fabulous mustang and drive one and a half hours outside Los Angeles. Here I fell in love in Palm Springs, not with pension plans, but with the mountains. The air, and the mid century furniture were not bad either. I am on my journey to meet the love of my life, a dude on an Harley Davidson who is offering to take me for dinner and a whole lot more.

I found a fantastic house where I imagined entertaining Elvis. He had lived on the street. I am saying little about it.

This is the real Hollywood of old. Kirk Douglas, Zsa Zsa Gabor, Elizabeth Taylor, you could imagine her floating in a caftan down the very glamorous steps of the house I love, into a kidney shaped swimming pool. Leonardo dicaprio and more and more people are escaping Los Angeles into the desert and despite its peaceful appearance,  it is becoming the social hub of California at the week ends.
Coachella the rock festival, people who have a passion for fine mid century furniture,  mid century houses, Palm Dessert Tennis Tournament, and the Palm Springs Film Festival are all flocking there. Of course there are stunning golf courses, old peoples homes, a brilliant museum, delicious food and Saks. I bought a pair of Jimmy Choo shoes which made me tall enough to compete with any top model.

I was meeting one or two friends there.  One an old friend Sean Borg once did my press for a photographic show in Central London, and got crowds of children peeping through the window at it, the show was a sell out. He has the ability to sell.

Wearing a Ghost long dress with Rick Owens fur with my Pomellato ring, and Andy Wang Glasses

I stayed at the Parker with a girl friend and was thankful that she was as enthusiastic. The Parker is a lively hotel for the rocking chic. Not a geriatric on the place. It was merry with children and mothers day posies. Even if there had been I love the old and young, the more people the better. I also liked the early morning feeling of this place, its serenity.
I arrived back in Los Angeles having driven the whole distance rather pleased with myself, and realising phobias are just that. I walked into my house and found flowers that truly finished off a wonderful week end. My sons are incredible. They had not forgotten Mothers Day, and I am truly blessed.
I once went to a spooky woman who said I was on the planet to help my sons spread their wings and be as interesting as they should be. I think they are on the planet to confirm my belief that men are wonderful as long as you don't have to pay for their Jimmy Choos.

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