Saturday, 26 April 2014

"A KISS IS JUST A KISS" or is it?

I swear that kissing makes me look prettier, I know it to be a fact, and younger too, it is Botox for the soul. I was kissing a few weeks ago, and I caught my reflection in a mirror afterwards and I could see the glow.  It makes you feel loved. For that real moment, for that second I felt  on top of the world. Physically I can see it massages the blood cells back into the skin and I feel incredibleI.  I remember that a good old snog makes me feel terrific.
I am  going to kiss  more. I am determined to, it is so much fun. With the popularity of the internet and flirting on line I am a  trifle lazy, but now I shall enjoy it all the time. I first kissed a boy when I was seven and I intend to kiss until I am seventy.
I  remember his name was David and  I pushed him up against a wall and said "kiss me" afterwards I got told off. At aged 8 I was kissed by a boy of 14. A village is a dangerous place to live.
I love the feeling of lips brushing against mine, the feeling of my face being kissed all over, my neck.
So why don't I do it more?
I believe it is more important than making love, more intimate, more touching.
You can feel how desperate the man is,  how passionate he is, or whether they like it or not, if they do not, then they are not for me.
The other day in Kundalini Yoga all I could think about was kissing, I found that it awakened a desire better than any hormone.
I am ambitious with my kissing, I cannot kiss anybody and  I would not kiss a tramp. Despite loving my gay friends I could not imagine kissing a girl, but have kissed several old men. The men I would like to have a kiss with are the following, I am hoping they will  say yes..

Benicio Del Torro
Xavier Berdam
Jesus Christ imagine the healing
Chris Hemsworth
TED the animated film, as in Mark Warlberg's film
Roberty Downey Junior
George Clooney
Jonathan Glazier
Sean Connery
Marlon Brando in Street Car Named Desire..

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