Saturday, 12 April 2014

BRITISH FAB GIRLS ROCK "FLORALS" FOR COACHELLA,but not for a minute was I Cinderella, Britweek and Genlux Magazine rock.

I dislike the word "rock" but shall use it, as have to stay in tune with my younger generation of friends. They adore sayings like "no worries" "that rocks" "at the end of the day" "you know what I mean"
"like" and worst of all  "selfie". I shall hang onto punctuation like my son, Charles, hangs onto 18th Century opera.
Fashion this week end in Coachella "rocked" outside The Beverly Hills Hotel, Whole Foods and The Chateau Marmont, heaven knows what it looked like at the "end of the day" so "no worries" you had better take that "selfie" early on, as on line they will let you know whether "they" "like it" or not. Forgive punctuation as I don't think there is any, anymore, just dots and an emoji if they really like you. That is what to expect from somebody you really admire, two dots and a bracket, an alien or a sun with a smile on it.
I have visited Fred Segals on Melrose and Reformation for that rock/chic/casual style for next week end. I could not go to Coachella this week end. I have guests who are lots of fun and I do not feel I am Cinderella.

Amanda Rocking spanx in high heels with Rick Owens jacket and cat eyes at  Wholefoods.
Olivia Dehavilland, Alice Dawson, Mary Charteris and Poppy Delevingne.
Andy Wang glasses, Rick Owens jacket with Miss Alice in Her Palace, at the Chateau.

Alice Naylor Leyland, Mary Charteris, Olivia Buckingham, Amanda Eliasch in her black matt customised mustang.

Here I am trying to keep up. I suppose I should mention how I know them. I am the adopted God Mother to Alice Naylor Leyland, and I went to school with Poppy Delevingne's mother when I was seven years old. Pandora stopped a girl beating me up on a regular basis. She cannot remember this, but of course I do.
The girls looked so pretty in floral and white dresses. Alice changed at least three times, from a white dress, to the yellow, to a pair of floral shorts. Tired but pretty they left me in Hollywood with smiling faces, for their week end ahead at the Rock Festival. Poppy was dashing around auditioning and flying by helicopter, instead of driving for two hours,  to the popular musical festival after yet another hen night. The other girls were exhausted and took refuge at my house here.

It has been a good week. I made my second magazine cover in one year thanks to my friend Sean Borg who negotiated it. He now understands the meaning of coup de foudre which sadly my realtors have not experienced.  Genlux has beautifully produced this months magazine and included me on the cover for Britweek with six pages inside. I am lucky and know now how it could feel to be a model. Stunningly produced by Stephen Kamifugi I am thrilled with the results, Maxfields, my favourite shop leant me the clothes I love to wear, along with Gregory's. Check out their shoes at Fred Segals.
I also have spent a good deal of time in the kitchen and Whole Foods. My friend Catherine Vanazzi wrote about my healthy eating from Brazil. Not a goody goody naturally.

I am proud and happy to be included in Britweek's special issue. I am showing my film that I directed, The gun the cake and the butterfly on the 28th April for those that would like to see it at the Arclight.

I have been stirring the pot for my good friend  and creative genius Pablo Ganguli, the brilliant force behind Liberatum. He is  entertaining, and he has managed to create fascinating evenings, small versions of what he is really good at, putting intellectual creatives together to make music, putting people together that would not normally meet, to talk art, fashion and corruption, peppered with laughter, music and culture of the day. Brilliant photographers Mert and Marcus popped in last night, Mert played the piano beautifully.  Two nights ago, we had witty conversation with Brett Easton Ellis about the life and crimes of Hollywood.
Mert Playing on my pink piano.
Lara Stone looking wonderful with a red heart hat. Met and Marcus's stunning photographs.

It's seriously good to be here in Los Angeles with such a force of nature.

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