Tuesday, 8 April 2014


The loan shark is a terrible thing. "Do not borrow money" has always been my motto.  If I cannot afford it I will not buy it.  There is a lot of money to be made on peoples misery paying back debt. They are not called "Loan Dolphins" but "Loan Sharks". They devour you and gobble you up.  Nobody would use a "Loan Dolphin" after all.  What they threaten to do if you can't repay them make people commit suicide over these sort of things.  If nobody went to them they would go out of business.
Money doesn't come out of a box like cornflakes, they are not stars from heaven. It is Shylock  from the Merchant of Venice. He wanted to have his pound of flesh. The unpleasant attitude you get when you say "No" makes the smile disappears quickly. "You have wasted my time, I shall make you feel like the bad person"
Remember to understand "Put options" "Compound interest" Even if you think you are poor you need to understand the small print. It is no fun having no money but it is better than having minus money, and you have no money to go bankrupt.  That costs too. I have chosen not to be shafted.
Every other advert on television is about Amigo loans and Wonga.com. Nice old ladies, old Auntie Edie lending you the money. Also if you cannot pay on the day you get compound interest it goes up and up and up. Beware puppets bearing gifts.
I saw a very pretty tramp the other day in Los Angeles, I gave her 10 dollars,  I asked "What had gone wrong?", and she said she did not have a plan B" You need in life plan B, C and D. Develop a thicker skin.

What mortgages, are really are professional thieves with fake teeth. It is the devil. It is appealing to peoples greed. I stopped doing credit cards, because of this.  If I don't have the money it doesn't come out. Yes you have a 25 year old debt round your neck. It never appealed to me. It is an illusion. I think the whole world needs to be a lot happier with a lot less.

Pay day loans are mostly taken by people on the dole.  People cannot ever get out of this terrible circle. You get beaten up if you don't pay up on time. The misery people go through for not even great shoes.
I do not care what people think, I will not do it.
If you go and steal the loan shark doesn't give a damn he just wants his cash on time. Some don't mind you defaulting as you go into compound interest.
I am not borrowing money to pay back another loan. There is no point in blaming the shylock character for lending you money, you don't need the latest plasma screen, you don't need the latest car or computer, you do need peace of mind and a giggle.
This Christmas I am buying everybody a piggy bank and telling them to start put a little in it every day, when you really want something smash it and see if you have enough.
We don't need to buy somebody's friendship, or outshine somebody else. You don't have to keep up with the "Jones's"
I am going fishing, but not for canned tuna, I am not swimming in shark infested waters, despite the white fakes smiles.  a coffee or two, or  fake oscar winning love,  I love myself enough not to get into debt to buy a shinier counterfeit version.

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