Sunday, 9 March 2014


What is this need in people to be interested in fame?. Fame is not the same as a celebrity, a celebrity is not a star. The stars of their time will always be stars, look at Marilyn Monroe, Rita Hayworth, Lana Turner.
What is celebrity exactly? People are interested in other people, they need to know. The wish to dream away their lives through the whims of the rich and famous.
How much does happiness cost? It's the mistake everybody makes.. If you have to buy it, you don't want it. All you need is a ready smile and a pair on high heals, and the costume from The postman rings twice, You cannot travel to Heaven with it.
It does n't matter who you are but you know nowadays you are a Hollywood star when you are paid to wear the diamonds, yesterday I fell in love with an incredible diamond necklace in Van Cleef on North Rodeo Drive, in fact I fell in love with a lot of jewellery yesterday.  Simple and beautiful with  two clusters of flowers.  I loved them but if I have to buy them, then I am not a star, a wife or a mistress, and I intend to be all three. Jewellers have a charm that is hard to match, flowers come to the door, champagne comes with a letter. It is my first experience of this in Hollywood. I have bought five houses, received not even so much as a bouquet of flowers, so I know what it is all about, and I am happy to be warmed up. Charming chat is so much better.

I thought I was out of my depth until I realised Hollywood has depth in exactly the same way as the rest of the world. The reason I felt giddy was because I was standing on the top. The Hollywood sign is in the hills so nobody can reach it. If you are not like the people, hard, shiny and thin you won't get anywhere.. If you want to know what is it like being in Hollywood, just imagine being strapped on the top of a runaway lorry, fast exciting and nobody knows where it is going.
I like Shirley Temple's advice who said "Start early if you wish to get the achievement award"
and as we all knowI am not  old yet, that's months away but I would like an achievement award.
Let's be fair you pay me to wear the diamonds and I will get the pizza.

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