Thursday, 13 March 2014

My Baby Sleeping by Wendy Mayer and the virtues of real love by Andy Warhol.

I love Wendy Mayer's realistic work, she is an artist from Wales who received a first class degree, and it shows. Today I opened a parcel that arrived with a wonderful baby wrapped in a brown suitcase. Stunning, spookily real, I am happy.  I have a new piece of artwork. I first saw her work at The Saatchi Gallery in Kings Road and then was advised to buy it. I had a coup de foudre over this beautiful piece.
Spring is here, and the Magnolia trees are about to bloom all over Chelsea.
Stunning as I walked to the Serpentine Gallery with my friend Vince DeMaar an artist with a typically superior mind. I bought Catcher in the Rye and was told it was a depressing book, that  it would make me bitter. Never mind I shall read it. I then saw the Haim Steinbach show "Once again the World is Flat"
Ordinary objects turned to art.

I have talked non stop about the show despite not really liking it. Yet I did, he showed that ordinary is interesting. Ordinary objects make you think when made into art. I thought about the show all day and discussed it at length. 
I also am thinking about authentic love and whether it exists?
Discovering again what real love is.  I bought my second volume of Andy Warhol's book on Philosophy from A to B and Back Again. I opened it and the first page I see is, B "Is anybody who helps me kill time  and B is anybody because I can't be alone, Except when I am asleep, Then I can't be with anybody.

I glance up and see The Albert Hall and realised how unlucky Andy Warhol wa,s despite his fame and success he was lonely although he had acknowledgement. Queen Victoria as we all know found passion and love, and built from it, leaving grandeur so it was remembered. Her passion for Prince Albert is unsurpassed. 
I was told by an ex lover once that when I am in love I could swim the Atlantic, true. I once flew to Conneticut to see the love of my life, I just went on a whim. I did not know where I was going but landed in the right place. Was it love? It was sex mixed with passion and I had rose tinted glasses on.
"Should we walk? It's really beautiful out" B said No, and A said "Okay"  Andy Warhol.
Anyway it was a beautiful hot sunny day in rainy old England and I had a sleeveless dress on.
Now back to work on my site that will keep memories everlasting and I can store the best of Andy Warhol.
This evening I discovered the work of Hugo Guinness and his wife Elliott Puckette at a private dinner.  I am sure everybody knows, but they were wonderful.

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