Sunday, 23 March 2014


I was always taught that
to give was to be good
I gave and people took
they did not love me
more, their grabbing ways
grabbing more and more,
became grabbing rather than
me giving.
I wanted to give with
love but soon I became
am accountant
but I wanted to be good
and to give
The giving  took over,
when I asked for things in
I was rudely thrown my keys
back in my face,
When I gave an idea away
a friend went to dinner
with some friends
and left me behind alone
to deal with my loneliness
I was told not to give
I was told it put pressure on
another person
I received hate mail
I was not longer loved
instead measured and deceived
as I gave.
So I put on my lipstick and some
dancing shoes
and walked into the sunshine of
my new life
shutting my purse tight
and smiled to myself with my new
found thoughts.
I shall not give
and give and give
and then hate.

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