Thursday, 6 March 2014

"Heaven is a place on earth" Belinda Carlisle, and it is.

My friends in London wonder why I love Los Angeles. Well, simply it is because on Sunday morning, with ten inches of rain, enough to drown a Barbie doll, during  Oscar Weekend, you can still feel the sunshine, and the celebrities flashing their whiter than white smiles down Hollywood Boulevard.

 Doors willingly open to almost any new idea, and that makes even the gloomiest person feel happy.
The other thing is, there is a spiritual awakening here, that the British ignore. They have within them a natural cynicism. The intellectuals just can't help it. Wit and argument is in the back bone of Great Britain. The controversial literature and art of Oscar Wilde, Saatchi, Shakespeare, Julie Burchill and Coward are deeply incased in the British soul.  They are proud to be loathed and admired.

Here in LALA it is all blue skies again and "gosh I feel good".  I went for a Kundalini Class at the Golden Bridge Centre in Hollywood yesterday and felt better than I have ever. Under the guidance of an old friend Normandie Keith, who is "merry sunshine". Normandie encouraged us to shake, bend and chant. Led by my other great pal, who is almost family, Belinda Carlisle, our class was startling.  The energy took me to another dimension, this was as Belinda rightly sang, a long time ago, "Heaven is a place on earth," Happiness is within us.
We just have to breath, move, sing and shake to find it.
Here we are all together celebrating living.

Here Normandie teaches a true mixture of women, uniting them. She has something that is unique.  Where do you find a pop star willing to share their time freely with you? There was Belinda happily teaching us the mantra, the 84 meridians in your mouth have to be massaged so words need to be pronounced correctly?.
Cheerfully and lovingly she took us through each step.
I have been on many trips with Belinda in my "up to no good days", and now to another level of consciousness  which is well worth attaining.  A fabulous duo!.
I have been practising yoga since 1992, when I suffered from terrible depression and could not get out of bed.  Yoga, not pills, or a man, or another person,  or medication, saved my life. It still does.  Kundalini is magical, simple and clever, I had spring in my step as I left this exotic centre. Thank you girls.
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