Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Fame, money, and a little gold statue do not give you good manners with my new website Pyxit.com, hopefully you will treasure memories of the talented.

Thank goodness for the parties, this year at the Oscars. Thank goodness for the tact and grace of Elton John, David Furnish and Graydon Carter. Perhaps they should all introduce the stars in future?. They know how to be charming whilst making everyone understand the importance of charity.  Graydon, who knows very well how to put a good magazine together, give great events, he also knows also how to stop gaffs.

I was lucky enough to go to both of the above. An Oscar should be given to the party decorators who pulled off a coup. Black silk swathed the walls of Elton's with red roses in perspex boxes and white carpets instead of red. Vanity used the colour mushroom to good effect which made all the dresses stand out especially  Poppy Delevingne who looked ravishing in black lace.

 A good sense of humour makes us sail through life when we are hit with sarcasm,  the lowest form of wit.  Humour is needed when manners that maketh man" as  the saying goes, are not mixed with kindness and respect which truly goes a long way. We have to laugh at ourselves. Ellen D did a great job trying to jolly the whole thing along but it is tricky when egos are fragile in show business not to make the  odd boo boo.
I loved the Oscars but when Pink was asked to sing instead of the talented daughters of the Judy Garland, Liza and Lorna, I knew that the world is a very forgetful place.  Pink was good, but Lorna and Liza have heritage and are loved.  Liza was insulted and this is truly unkind.  The Academy gave with one hand and took with the other. Imagine Liza all excited beforehand and going home and grabbing ten ambient to sleep it all off.   I first remember Liza Minnelli in Cabaret, and I copied her panache for many years. I loved her green vibrant nails. She flashed them  saying "Divine decadence" I might start wearing the green again in memory of this wonderful actress. "Money makes the world go round" and a smile gets you everywhere in this cinematic Hollywood world.

Come on if you have not seen either Vertigo or Cabaret, watch them now. Vertigo was so much better than any film made this year, Cabaret too. At 80 Kim looked well.  A little respect for this brilliant actress is needed.

Concetta and Pascal Vicedomini, who hosted the Italian Film Festival in Los Angeles, and Amanda Eliasch at THE VANITY FAIR PARTY

We all will age, have dramas which will effect each and everyone of us. Of course there were funny moments, The Pizza delivery boy, harmless and funny, and clearly the nominees were very hungry.The press are busy nagging John Travolta, but he has made the girl truly famous. Idina Menzel will not be forgotten. If this had been in England at the BAFTA's we would have been very snobby. We would not want to get our hands grubby as the world watched. Hotdogs, burgers and Pizzas are accepted over here.
Kim is one of the most talented actresses of our time, and I hope Jennifer Lawrence, manages to look as stunning as she did on the red carpet at the Vanity Fair party, when she passes 75.

The best thing for me in the evening was following my Mother's advice and talking to the quiet man in the corner who looked shy and adorable, a bit pissed off, his name was something like Harold, Gail or was it Harry. Anyway he nicely rounded off my evening as I galloped towards the witty and amusing  Nicky Haslam, and one his entourage, wearing a white Chanel dress she looked enchanting with wings on.

Nicky Haslam and  I at North Harper.


A dress has to look good for 7 hours sitting down our souls too. My beautiful Roberto Cavalli dress looked like a rag at the end of the evening.

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