Sunday, 9 March 2014

A real love story by Amanda Eliasch

Things flash by
Reminding me of you
A nose, a look,
You were the only person
I truly loved
The world goes round
I feel I am  
Men come and go
I smile, I nod,
I am polite
But do not care
I am dead
Dead to the world
Of romance
I move I shuffle
I apologize for still caring
You owe me nothing
And you love elsewhere
As you should
I would never wish
That I had not met you
One day on a sunny
Although you have love
And obligations elsewhere
I try to find peace
I try to awake
Some feeling that is
Supposedly over
I need to be ravished under
The moon
But do not need the pain
With pleasure
It brings.
I remember the lanterns in
Paris streets,
Debussy and scented roses
A walk in a Prague
Street, cobbled and difficult
To walk on.
The ritual of tea
The delicate china
Gently brewed
The hairpins,
A pink purse depicting a hare
The forgiveness of
A green apple
A wooden leg
Flying through the sky
With fairy wings.
You do not care
N’or do I want you to care
Yet I do.
I rush forward into a bed of nettles
I want to die
Once you said to me
“If you can’t be happy, nobody
can” I was not happy
except in the unwanted arms
of someone I loved
It is difficult without.
Seeing you.
A glimpse
Here, and there.
Awakens an obsession
But it
Has to be enough
And it is
Sometimes I would rather
You did not see me.
Time is cruel
It shows in my eyes not my
I wish you
I wish I did not need to
It seems to be utterly
Useless to forget
The the magical cure
Of lovemaking
With no caution
That will not escape my

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