Monday, 17 February 2014


Here is my list of  my top numbers in film music. I love them and they are meaningful to me. I am a romantic and film music, and music in general reminds me of a time or story that I have had. Music makes a film, music makes life too. These films have enriched my life, in a way, that the composers never imagined at the time writing. Music has to make the film flow, but it accompanies the memory, making the stories come alive when you listen to the familiar notes.

1.   The Chorus music by Bruno Coulais reminds me of a french love story I had.
2.   Lust Caution by Alexandre Desplat reminds of sitting under a piano eating an apple, a betrayal of trust.
3.   The Mission by Ennio Morricone reminds me of my marriage.
4.   The Deerhunter by Stanley Myers reminds me of early dreams.
5.   Just a spoonful of sugar by Richard and Robert Sherman taught me to like medicine.
6.   Circle of Life music by Elton John and Lyrics by Tim Rice reminds me of my sons childhood.
7.   Endless Night film by my grandfather Sidney Gilliat and music by Bernard Hermann, could not fail to haunt.
8.   Love Story music by Francis Lai reminds me of adolescence
9.   The score for The gun the cake and the butterfly, Charles Eliasch.
10.  Bilitis music by Francis Lai reminds me of the South of France, my house there, Maison du Cap, everything, during my marriage in the Summer.
11. The piano by Michael Nyman reminds of the repetitions I made in my life
12. The way we were by Marvin Hamlisch sung by Barbara Steisand.. every girl wants a romance like this.

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Greg Daly said...

Great choice Amanda.
I especially like your choice of Endless night, besides being a classic film in its own right, the score by Bernard Hermann is magnificent, mind you he did write most of the classic soundtracks in Hitchcok's movies.