Monday, 10 February 2014


I have changed the end of my film, my tinted dark glasses are off and life changes.  With good humour  it is easier  to go with it. The gun the cake and the butterfly it is has a different spin. With the help of my editor Hector Abaunza and Anarchy Post I think I have improvised a new and moving end to the film and hope you will think so too. I worked with Lisa Zane for the end of the film and Duka Sokoli.

Lisa Zane and Amanda Eliasch

My cleanse had worked and I am feeling I think much better, I need another week or so and I shall feel spectacular.  A perfect way to start the new year. Having been a reluctant eater of anything green for all my life, I now desire only the best lettuce in the house.  I love waking up with my fresh  apple juice, and I shall miss Catherine Vanazzi. Although not reaching my goal, I have only 8 pounds to go until I am perfectly my normal weight again. It is possible to regain a peace of mind when all is a mess around you.
The food was beautifully presented and thoughtful too.

 I am heading for hills of Los Angeles, to a wilder neighbourhood. I hope I can drive there. Terrified of heights I have decided to make way for the hills and fight this small problem of vertigo.  I had wanted to go to Palm Springs, the architecture is terrific. Bryan Dreardon was the perfect realtor there, and was cheerfully dismayed when I said I would remain in Los Angeles. Charming and merry he showed me some incredible houses.  With Modernist week coming up, culture is booming in this beautiful desert town.  I am happiest surrounded by sand and mountains. I feel in the middle of nowhere. There is a great appreciation of the arts there, but I still need the buzz of Hollywood for a few more years.  I will hopefully sign and live in a  perfectly designed paradise in the hills.

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