Thursday, 6 February 2014

ENJOYING LIFE AT AN UNCERTAIN AGE,(shh nearing or over 50) "Yes I am loving it better than ever"

Phew, I am now on my homeward stretch of my diet and going to be skinny soon, fuck my face, there is always Dr. Jean Louis Sebagh.
A few tips to keep you feeling good at an uncertain age.. This is not so tricky as it sounds.
1.  Exercise regularly. Walking round Battersea Park with Justine Glenton is a laugh that I cannot do without. It always manages to stay sunny.  Do this at least 2 or 3 times a week.
2.  The arms go, and there is nothing you can do except pump iron, so that is what I try to do.
3.  A once a year green diet. I do it with Catherine Vanazzi, from Kajh Spa and on the 4th day I am feeling much better.
I was dizzy and bad tempered the first two days. I feed my friends with the food, and except Peter Medak, everybody hardly touches the fake spaghetti made out of what looks like courgette. It is delicious in small amounts.
4.  Make plenty of lovely new friends. Some of my greatest friends have flown to a happier place, so you need a few new ones.
5. to meet new men has not been great, but Facebook has a cheerier more accepting appeal. only produced for me ponces, so beware. Clever conmen and their merry men.
Also still use protection when having sex.  There are some bounders about with STD's. Remember everyone over 60 is from the promiscuous era of the 1960's when free love and sex was available, and no Aids.. So beware.

6.  Keep your eyes on the latest beauty ideas. I personally love the knife and botox, but it is not for everybody.
7.  Stay within 7 pounds of your natural  weight at the age of 18, however I put on 14 pounds recently and my face looked great, my best party dress split, so make a wise choice.
8.  With hormones flying all over the place with the menopause, be ready to write a few "I apologise" letters.  It only takes 30 minutes and it is better to say sorry than be sorry. I managed to fall out with about 4 people during the more flamboyant moments.
9.  Sleep well, and if you can't use the time wisely, I write, I love it.
10. Continue to educate yourself.  Try new things and stretch your ideas, you after all want to be up to date with everything.
11. Remember negativity is strong so do whatever it takes to be positive, Eg Yoga, The Hoffman Institute, Scientology, Raja Yoga, I believe in anything that makes you feel good, and contribute to life.Buddhism and consciousness anything, that makes you you believe in a high presence and well being of others.
12. A good dietician in London is Dr Fine and in Los Angeles The Weight loss centre. Always weigh yourself regularly however depressing.
13. I still wear mini skirts, well I am a 60's girl, but now I cover everything with thick Wolford Tights and my arms make a minute appearance. Although they are okay, old skin is old skin. Anything over 30 is not in the flush of youth, so be clever and hide what you don't have, and enjoy what you do.
Good luck and let me know how you are doing. You can also read Tim Willis's site on how to make it through.
As for me I have been my most productive, made my first film, won 7 prizes which never happened to me in youth, moved to Paris and Los Angeles, darted round the world, had some romances, and now am ready to grab back my husband number 2, who after all this drama, is the one and only man I can rely on. There we are, it probably won't work, but hells bells, if I don't try, I won't know. We said we would make old bones together. If we don't it is not the end of the world, but a pity. Romance is romance but friendship/romance/love and compassion is where the real meaning of life is.
 are few and far between but this is my list of favourites
1. Trinny Woodall
2. ME ME ME hahaha
3. Martha Fiennes
4. Maya Fiennes
5. Amanda Harlech
6. Lucy Ferry
7. Priscilla Waters.
8. Lisa Zane

PS I have never worn braces.. but got a comment that perhaps you will need them?


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