Sunday, 26 January 2014


Couture week in Paris was sporty, about movement, ballet and opera.  Chanel's clothes were not couture in the old sense of the word but comfortable, glamorous and useful.  Gone are the days when a hat and a pair of gloves were necessary; now it is the hour of the skate board, padding the knees and elbows with a bum bag, in silver. Victor and Rolf took a ballet theme in pastels: their collection has moved on a great deal from their old harlequin look – half-clown, with a twist of sophistication. Now practicality is all the rage (and hopefully not with the couture price tag). Meanwhile, Valentino showcased an opera theme. My favourite long chiffon dress had an impractical feel to it that paradoxically confirmed the reality of such music in the contemporary world of Adele. Is the glamour of couture now irrelevant? The hordes of Koreans and Kim Kardashian in the little gilt chairs didn't seem to think so.



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