Friday, 31 January 2014


My goodness you don't want to send your children to school in Italy, it is more dangerous than sending them round the world with a rucksack?.  Imagine the agony  of the parents of Amanda Knox, Rafaelle Sollecito and Meredith Kercher's family at this moment? The criminal justice system in Italy is prolonged and a travesty. Well we all know that, but what is so terrible about this case is that the guilty one is in jail. Rudy Guede, a vagrant was found with the knife ages ago, admitted guilt, put the other children in the stew, and he is serving his 16 year sentence. I have always wondered why he put Amanda and her lover in the boiling pot? Why he doesn't stand up for them when everybody except the Italians know that she is not guilty? She was not even in the building? There was no evidence that they committed this crime and the more I have looked into it, Amanda, other than her initial stupidity of dancing in the police station, and  photographed with a knife on Facebook,  there is little or no evidence that she is guilty? Italy has the policy, guilty until proven innocent, is guilty… Why are they pointing the finger externally?.

On another note this madness of picking up 80 year old men and pronouncing them guilty of fingering and fondling women, in a very promiscuous by gone era. The 60's offered the pill, the mini skirt and the sexual revolution, free love free sex. For the first time in history, women did not have the threat of pregnancy hanging over them.  Hopefully there were a few less back street abortions and it was supposed to offer women sexual equality so that they could be as predatory as the men. If it is not for sale do not put it in the window.  That goes for all girls today who wear boob tubes and a mini skirt on the tube. We are living in the age of the low cut jean and g string. If you do not want to provoke an erection don't be so sexually avert?. We seem to  live in a semi puritanical era which says sex is bad.  This is incorrect, as we would not be here, without an orgasm?.  They are not Nazi's,  treated with war crimes, they are old and typical men from the time they lived in. It reminds me of Roman times when they killed everybody after they had had success and were too clever. Augustus told his grandson Claudius, to take every advantage of his disabilities and hide his intelligence and then maybe he would stay alive.  We are living in an age when it is not politically correct to get chatted up.  In the 1970's we were equal with men, Germain Greer burnt her bra, my mother fought for equal pay, equal rights, The women who fought for the right to vote from 1928 would not be happy nowadays. If you do not want these things to happen don't put yourself in this position.   Fifteen minutes of ugly fame at the cost of another persons whole career?.

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