Sunday, 12 January 2014


I have had to dash back to London, as one of my favourite photographers, John Swannell, was taking photographs of me for Hello Magazine. It is funny to think that this magazine has been going for twenty five years and is possibly the most popular one of all.  I read it in hairdressers, on airlines and at the dentist. When some magazines are cutting back, it continues to thrive.
Actresses, queens, athletes and socialites all juggle for pages. I was so happy to be asked to join them for a shoot two days ago. Having done my first cover for the Hollywood Weekly, two months ago, it is more than fun to be a part of this popular cultural phenomenon,
I did the styling and mostly I wore this seasons Alexander McQueen – my favourite – with hats by Stephen Jones and Phillip Treacy. I can't wait to see the photographs. Justine Glenton also, and Charles my son – all to promote my film, which is now being distributed by London Films International.
AMANDA ELIASCH with necklace by Vicki Sarge 

Ah, the movies. I love staying in Los Angeles for The Globes. There is nothing like award ceremonies for me, but this year my fairy magic is not working. I was too involved with my own film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, to be praying for others.
Of course mine has not made the top layer, but I am happy that I won the festivals I did – Bel Air, NYCI, Ischia Global International, La Jolla Indie, The New Media, Burbank International – and so grateful for the support of my PRs, first Xaque Gruber from Andrew Freedman's outfit and now Sean Borg.
So, what will win? I did enjoy American Hustle and argued about it for days, and August Osage County. Both drove me crazy in different ways and I was dying to sleep all the way through them, but I was amused enough to stay awake and discuss them with my friends Jack English and Michael Wincott (who is about to start shooting 24 hours).
I am  excited by a new house in Los Angeles. (I am selling my North Harper House, which I like a lot, – its high walls, its space – but if you read this blog, you will know I am a wandering nomad, who loves a challenge.) Obviously, because it is spanking new, there is nothing to do, and that is a trifle boring.
I like to be stretched. For a few weeks I was in love with Palm Springs and then I fell in love with an architectural jewel in  Hollywood, which I will tell you about soon enough. Palm Springs certainly has its pluses but may be I am not ready to retire just yet.
Still, I would love to leave England now. I want to jump on the next plane back to a country swathed in sunshine. If there were was a man who was madly in love with me there. The funny thing is that, this week, I was telephoned by a television company in London, asking to film me finding the man of my life through the number one matchmaker. A sort of upmarket "Blind Date". It sounds straight up my street. Recently, I have been receiving hate mail from some weird, jealous woman, so I must be on the right track.

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