Tuesday, 7 January 2014


I love looking at property, I have an obsessive tendency to be interested in post modern design and actually almost anything by Hal Levitt or Neutra. Today I saw a beautiful tiny house though in the Hollywood Hills by John Wolfe architect and genius. There is glamour to his architecture. I have so far nearly bought three of his houses but they did not work out, I did however manage to own a Hal Levitt in Eden Place which was perfectly built with the most incredible view in Eden Place. I  do not like being caught on the 'hurry up', which the Los Angeles real Estate agents like to create. They think my greed will want the house even more if someone else is obsessed with it too, actually it makes me want to forget about it.
I think I became  interested when I met my good friend, the singer Belinda Carlisle. From California I used to listen to her romanticise the 1960's way of life through these houses. From the greater Los Angeles area she knew what she liked, and she made Hollywood interesting for me.
Today I met up with Belinda for an early lunch at Hugos on Santa Monica. She is wonderfully serene nowadays, dressed in white and having just finished a Kundalini Yoga class. She told me she is on her way to being a qualified teacher. I have been obsessed on and off by Yoga since 1992, when a friend took me to a class in Kensington and I skipped home afterwards. I have no intention to teach it. I just know it is something that makes me feel happy. Kundalini is magical, and awakens the whole body. The other day I went to a class and chanted for the whole hour and a half.


Belinda works really hard but also has the guts to travel all over the world living in different places, making them her home and then moving again. Sometimes I see her a lot and then she disappears and goes quiet for so long that I never ever think I will see her again. I never mind it is the Sagittarius in her,  I often do the same.
Today was different, we thought we might travel together again. I want to see Machu Picchu and sail round the world. I was trying to persuade her that it would be a great idea. Filming it would be fun, and it could get me away from my need to keep moving houses which is driving all my friends crazy this week. They simply do not understand  what I achieve from doing this the whole time, as I am not a developer. Well I get a lot, I love it, and I learn about new places.
I met Belinda at a party of Roger Moore's many moons ago, my husband and I had an Aston Martin had broken down, and I arrived late. She had passed me in the car with her husband and thought it funny that cars like that may look good but are very unreliable, she used to tease me about it. Anyway I did not know her, and I was sitting next door to her. I could not make her speak. I tried everything, music, art, travel everything.  Eventually, I talked about dogs and then she came alive, when I said my mother had fourteen whippets. Phew. Since then we have had many adventures from Thailand, Eygpt, and Morocco, too naughty to go into, but such wonderful memories.. Even our sons were good pals. I  was very lucky today and hopefully we can have a few more funny adventures, and keep me away from property taxes which is much more exciting.

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