Wednesday, 4 December 2013


As Nigella enters the courtroom this week as Domestic High Priestess with elegance, and Charles, King of the Art World  having spoken passionately about distress and what Nigella meant to him, I think we should remember that this is divorce, and it is an unhappy time for them both. Nigella was eloquent and moving as was Charles. Please can we remember what they have both achieved and think about the two people that have stolen from them and  caused this hideous rift.
 I have had many nannies who drove me crazy. It is difficult to find people to work for you who you can trust. Truly difficult. We all want to rely on people with our children. Once I found my  Norland Nanny had locked my son in an hotel room while she went downstairs and boozed the night away. She had been charming, I was completely conned. Another one began to dress and speak like me as per the Servant. So many stories and really all déclassé. Of course there were the success stories too and they know who they are. Amanda Heslop who painted with the children, Helen Latham who taught them to read and made wonderful costumes for the boys and Alex Shipp who I could not help but love.
As for divorce stories, they are all the same, mine included, they are seriously dull and negative, but unfortunately for everybody involved with this mesmerizing insanity they are just so watchable, like some terrible episode of Big Brother, you have to have one eye on it.
I will say it again Poor Nigella, Poor Charles and poor children. I love and respect the Saatchi family.  That is my opinion. We now know the beginning the middle and the end and it would be more exciting to move on.


There is an art fair which is much more fun and interesting in Miami and despite the intrigue of the above, it is incredibly depressing in cold London. Thank goodness I am here amongst the Damien Hirst mini, which I think belonged to Charles Saatchi  when he was married to Kay.  Thought provoking neons  by Tracey Emin, moved me, I love her touching thoughts. Go and see them at Moca.  I  have also had the incredible opportunity to see Marina Abramovic again with her film. So many things to do and all on one night.

My film today , The gun the cake and the butterfly is being shown at the Colony Theatre, to the art world, at 3pm, which for me is more frightening than the film world.
I started off  in art world writing and taking photographs for a book on them all, called British Artists at Work, for Italian Vogue, followed by a book called Made by Indians. It showed 46  British artists and their studios. In perspex it looked chic and is still one of the favourite things I have accomplished . Published by Asssouline I loved it, it taught me so much about  contemporary art. My favourite artists are here, Tracey Emin and Tim Noble and Sue Webster  feel like family.
Tracey gave a party at Soho Beach Hotel with HRH Princess Beatrice, Nancy dell'ollio, Jay Jopling, Damien Hirst, Tim Noble and Sue Webster, It was a huge success, I had an education sitting next door to the highly intelligent Gary Indiana and Lorcan O'Neill. We finished the evening  with dancing round the swimming pool and Rick Owens and his wife Michele Lamy looking as dashing as ever.

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