Tuesday, 24 December 2013


I have overdone Christmas, it seems to come up too quickly in the calendar. I have sent enough Christmas cards, sung enough carols, dressed enough trees, given enough presents, surely to please my friends and family for a lifetime? I think all of you have too?.  I would love a year off. Disappear and forget that I should be at church, or making the turkey. I arrived at the airport to find that two days before Christmas I could buy Easter eggs, three for the price of one. That the British Airways staff were wearing antlers and Christmas hats, and jingle bells were playing in the background of details of flights being given over the loudspeakers. I wanted to escape but they clearly did not. Wouldn't it be good to save money rather than spend it, even though it keeps other families and religions all over the world, it has one function to pin up our economy with bright lights and wrapping paper?

I also want to think about new ideas, and move on from having made a film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, this year. I have talked about it non stop. I loved doing it, I finished it, and it was truly satisfying, now I wish to go round the world without a telephone writing poetry. Of course the anxiety of my family and friends would never allow me to do this, but I am in the mood to totally change. I also wish to do a charitable adventure which when I have done it I will talk about it.

The problem with show business is it is addictive. The trailer, the cappuccino, people bending over backwards for you, the praise, the success,the critics, the prizes. The self obsession. After a while I would like to forget myself and think about a newer occupation.  I did it, now it is time to give the film to someone to sell, so I can think clearly something else.
An artist is somebody who learns new things and stretches themselves in areas that are interesting to them. I like the alchemy of creating, it is a passion, even if I fail, something takes me over and I am driven to produce.

Anyway back to the turkey and the stuffing. This year my family all agreed to go our separate ways. I have sent only a few cards and bought only the loveliest of friends presents. I want to miss Christmas just once and next year I shall come back to it, with the freshest of moods. Despite my mood I walked through my front door to find that the Queen of Domestic Goddesses, Mrs Kay Saatchi had put up a 7ft magnificent tree in my drawing room, in perfect taste with red birds and white lights to welcome me. I could not fail to be amused. What is more she did it herself, with a little help from Schezaad and Francesca my housekeeper, but she did it.  The tree was enormous, That is what counts. thank you. Kay does Christmas so well as does our British Royal Family, who have so many rules over what they can wear, and they do it so well. They do their job beautifully.

For all those who still believe I wish you a very Merry day.

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