Wednesday, 25 December 2013


It is difficult to dress well at this time of year and keep warm. The coats look bulky and you cannot exactly whip round to the hairdresser on Christmas day, or perhaps you can? Mine arrive cheerfully every year whether I ask for them or not. Wherever I am in the world someone offers. I am truly grateful to Snowden Hill, Natalya Sousa, Angela Kalinowski, Gia Sinatra, as otherwise I would look a mess.
Red is the colour that matches the wrapping paper and the red baubles on the tree. It looks dashing along country lanes, but it tricky to look slim in.  
Yesterday I tried on a stunning red and black plaid dress with black bow and white collar which looked fabulous and cute from the front and then from the side made me look six months pregnant, I really need a waist.  It was so clever, between each strip of plaid was a light mesh that moved with my body. A man cam up to me and told me I looked ravishing. I still did not buy it, although Saint Laurent had designed it so beautifully. Just that it would have been worn once, and it would have been too extravagant when this year I wish to be sensible, well that would be a miracle, but I am trying.
Our Royal Family really looked stunning this morning, I loved Zara Phillip's jaunty hat and Princess Eugenie is becoming prettier and prettier as is her sister, Beatrice. With so many great looks going on I think we can be proud of them, this is their job and they do it so well. The Duchess of Cambridge looked elegant with a perfect smile. Her Majesty must be excited as she looks round her dining room, all her little chicks have come to roost, and they all behave so well. With just a dash of Prince Harry, my goodness he is dishy these days, adding to the flare and panache, which is shrouded in limitations. My Phillip Treacy hat is off to them all.

Princess Eugenie of York with Zara Phillips, Mrs Michael Tindall
The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge
 Prince Harry

Princess Beatrice of York
The Duchess of Cornwall

Her Majesty The Queen.

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