Wednesday, 13 November 2013


It is time to escape the back and front rooms of the film world and enter real life again. I have loved the making of the film, the organising of it, the poetry, the love and laughter, and now I need to write again. It requires peace and beautiful solitude.
I am planning to take a sailing trip round the world with a brilliant crew, who have won many races.  It has been a fantasy since I was a child. I have wanted to visit the antiquities of the past, reliving other peoples ideals. I am sure it will be as exciting as the past few years.
Nature is always much more interesting than the human being.  I was thinking yesterday the brain is wired incorrectly. In it we believe we are the most important people on the planet. We are nothing.  My son makes me laugh he came into my room at the AFM, for the selling of The gun the cake and the butterfly, and said "In twenty years you are gaga and in forty you are dead, along with everybody else of your age" We are all so unimportant. None of us is Shakespeare, whoever he was?. There are so many theories.
I am also excited to go back to England as next week I shall be celebrating the life of the late Isabella Blow who introduced me one day to Tim Noble and Sue Webster brilliant artists from England, hosted by the ravishingly artistic Daphne Guinness and a concert and dinner hosted by Liberatum honouring Terence Conran.

In the meantime I shall organise the boat, a beautiful stunning boat that is everything good about this earth.
My thoughts  run to the Philippines ravished by nature. The elements certainly have the power to destroy. I am still haunted by the wrath of  the Tsunami in Thailand, I sadly would never live on a beach after that. Sadly I have the inability to live under the water.

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