Thursday, 28 November 2013

It's Thanksgiving.

It is Thanksgiving, an American Holiday to celebrate different cultures and religions coming together in support of love and family. I have come to realise that if I don't love myself, then I cannot expect anyone else to love me.  I care far too much about myself to place myself fully into the hands of someone else's thoughts and plans, so I like to be completely independent and not reliant on flattery, accolades and affirmations. I learnt at the age of five to not expect the luxury of being liked when I went to boarding school.
If someone does not like or love me, I shall dry my eyes and get someone else. There is nothing ever to worry about, things just take their natural time and patience. I trust in time. encourage things along, but sometimes that can cause problems, if you push, so I have learnt the hard way.
Although I like kindness, it is mine to give and not some other person to take. If someone does not like me, I am not going to explain myself, it is one person less in my life. It is their choice and it is fine.
I like independence so I do not want to ask a man "Is it alright if I can go out tonight?"
If  I am not happy I will not feel any happiness anywhere, evan if I am on a beach with my feet  in blue water. If I am not happy I will not be able to enjoy it.
The best things in life of course are free, nothing can buy oxygen, nothing can buy another chance, a walk in the park, laughter with good friends, nothing can buy real talent, or real affection. If  I can buy it, another person obviously can buy it too. The mistake is I have looked in the wrong places to find love, if I was meant to find a wonderful man in LA, chance would have taken me there, not buying houses. So I wish to be independent of this too.
I am however grateful for all the support and love I have received there for my film. My family and luck and I wish this on everybody too. Whatever happens from now onwards, I have been lucky to this date, and I am more than grateful for that. Kindness and forgiveness are the most important things.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my special friends around the world they know who they are.
If you are in Miami Art Basel next week try and come to this on the 4th December. 3pm.
The opportunity to show my film, The gun the cake and the butterfly, is given to me by the generosity of Pablo Ganguli Liberatum.
High 50 have kindly written an article on my behalf.

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