Monday, 14 October 2013


The smilie icon must be gay, he is much too nice, to be straight. Have you noticed that gay men look better, smell better, dress better, working on their characters. They are often
 more artistic, they are more creative. The look after me, they pay for me, they drive me around and they are at the end of a telephone when I need them?.
The straight men are lagging behind big time with their tummies hanging over their sagging belts, in ill fitting suits.  Football and drinking just do not do it for me.
I am happy being stroked by a gay man you know they are clean and are not going to do something nasty to you.  They earn their own money, are successful and altogether more useful around the house than straight ones. They want to garden, decorate, hang paintings, do the shopping, cook, and even clean up afterwards. I was never interested before but I might come to some agreement and marry one, they are  much more entertaining.
My best straight best male friend says that his straight friends are absolutely no good for me to go out with.
The gay men are often so attractive and easy to fall in love with. They are never unfaithful to me as they don't have sex, but talk about high heels and make up like loyal girlfriends.
Sex is fantastic but it causes so many problems.
My gay girlfriends look happier too, they have an inner glower which my heterosexual girlfriends do not have.  They look content.

Best gay men for me are the following
Pablo Ganguli best ideas
Nicky Haslam best decorating
Sean Borg best writing
Eric Buterbaugh best flowers

They are all fabulous companions and never leave you at the table while they go and have a smoke.
They have fantastic manners, opening the car door. not slamming it on your face. They are good at flowers.
The are well spoken, they talk about clothes, they know about clothes. They reliable. They are fun to gossip with. They are sensitive and get hurt easily.
The ideal man for me is a gay man who does not like boys, he hasn't come out, he is frightened to be honest, so ultimately he is good at all of the above. He needs a wife to hide behind. Anybody suitable out there, let me know.

Here is a pink flower for you darling xx
An article from Hollywood this week.

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