Saturday, 5 October 2013


Have you noticed that romance now is a yes on the like button on Facebook and Intagram. The height of romance is sending a rose on your facebook page and receiving a smilie instead of any written note? I don't like the iPhone,  I am the only one in the world who hates that smile face, I would kill for a  written letter.
I decided this week that I should visit Las Vegas, the last place on the planet I wanted to go to. I always imagine it to be like eating Coco pops and swigging glasses of beer. But this City is as happy as the Celebrity Centre, The  Scientologist's dream.  I like both and I am surprised.
We are all finished as human beings, but thank goodness for one thing The Wynn Hotel in Las Vegas, where the staff have a degree in Politeness.  As you enter, there are weddings happening on every floor as well as gambling. As we know, it is Roulette as you walk the aisle. They go hand in hand..  I like the golden side of this place, and the doorman here, look as if they are guarding the gateway to heaven. In any case this hotel is as near to heaven as anyone can get on this avaricious earth.
Bach and Handel play from the sound system, as you enter the room with
Mr Wynn's smouldering voice seducing you into eating the most mouth watering dishes from his many restaurants. In fact this place is better than eating chocolate cake on your own in London,  this is paradise with acrobats pleasing your every visual whim.
La Reve is the show which cost a million dollars, actually that looks a bargain. This is theatre which dreams are made of, all explained in the hosts dulcet tones. If only the National Theatre in London could come and see this. 90 minutes of exhilarating movement provoking thought and deep pleasure.

This planet of Wynn's is simply there to amuse and seduce.  I never buy face cream, and yesterday I was persuaded into parting with 352 dollars for facial cream that I have never heard of but I am assured, when using it, that I look twenty years younger. I bought double the dosage.
The swimming pool darkens at precisely 3.30pm everyday, in time for a game of black jack, before the nightly show.  I understand now why my friend, Andrea fell in love with this very viable man, Mr Wynn is more regal than the Pope. He does a good Elvis impersonation too.

I visited a hotel The Golden Nugget downtown where sharks swim with their human counterparts.  You slip down a shoot into the mouths of the awaiting whale. So clever. Roulette is played in swimsuits, and tattoos are the norm.
I shall start visiting the places on the planet I most dreaded, I was wrong about Las Vegas, I could be wrong about Roseville, New Mexico where I shall look for aliens and ufo's.

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