Tuesday, 1 October 2013


The sun wakes me early in Los Angeles and I rush out of bed to do Yoga on my mat which I leave out all the time incase I feel energetic.
Yesterday I went to Nobu in Malibu and fell in love with the ocean for the first time. The house was rustic, down to earth and I felt at home playing with dogs. There were bikes too, a Ducati. It was a day for laughter. All the blondes were smiling with perfect teeth. I was happy.

On my fantasy list,  and if there were more hours in a day, I would love to ride bikes, big bikes. In my dreams at night I imagine riding an MV Agusto?.  Two weeks ago I loved a black shiny Harley Davidson.  I am thinking more and more about living in the country and whether it would be social suicide or sociable paradise. A Ducati or a  Moto guzzi?

I just need green more and more.  London feels squashed and overflowing with people, and although you can go to the theatre and concerts every night, there is a need to hear an owl say good night.
With wonderful friends in Los Angeles I had the opportunity to hear the great Jazz musician Loston Harris last night do wonderful American numbers.  From the Carlyle Hotel in New York he played and sang with incredible heartfelt integrity leaving me emotionally satiated. There is something so touching listening to people work and perform with passion.  As Loston's fingers touched the piano I knew the soul of this man.
Performing from the Whisper Lounge in Los Angeles where the food was delicious and the acoustics perfect, I was lucky to have a enthralling and tranquil Sunday evening.

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