Thursday, 26 September 2013


Asked if I am happy what do I answer?
"I am always happy, I am happy with who I am even if it does piss some people off, you seriously cannot please everybody".
My friend, Julia Laverne, a clairvoyant, said that when she asks her clients who they would like to be, and what would make them happy, their list of wishes are, without them knowing it, apparently me"Amanda Eliasch". 
This made me laugh.
Her clients say to her the following.  They would like to look like to look like Lana Turner or Marilyn Monroe with blue eyes.  They want their own money, sharp kit and live on nob hill,  and have fabulous teeth. The would like to have a holiday home. They would like to shut the door and be the queen of  their own domain, they want show business, they want healthy children with brains and looks. They want a past, they want to click their fingers whenever they like. 
She said "In the absence of MM they want to be you, Amanda.
They describe you".
I, however,  would like to be like Madonna. One of her best friends, once asked me "Who had the best life "Amanda or Madonna?" I answered Madonna, but she told me "You have the better life, you just have to learn to see it".
I work on this everyday, my inner happiness.  I am happy naturally but easily get upset,  I must stop this because my day is the one apparently everybody wishes for. 
On another subject,
What do you do when your ex husband is approached by some scraggly bird in front of you, who sounds like they are a walking porn sight.  "Where were you last night?  "I had some sexy women for you last night?" (It was spoken to him as if I was not there). I wrenched him away. I said "You are talking to my ex and he is quite capable of finding women himself".What makes her think that my husband is  some relic from the 1980's.  No he is a vibrant man who can do his own hunting. 
The problem with the 80's is that  the values became plastic. The need for talent diminished.  Hormone replacement from the 1980's gave them almost immediate breast cancer. Music, art and fashion all became plastic. The shoulder pads etc, the 80's did not want the 70's. The 1980's gave up flares for leggings.
Why am I reminded of the 1980's, oh the woman with the blonde hair rushing up to my ex, with a tartan shirt, and puffed up hair, yes she was from that era.  She said this at The Zaha Hadid wing at the Serpentine. It was like a large swimming mushroom, near the river. The light from the ceiling was brought down in Tubes and the back of the gallery held up by an enormous elephant. A luxurious ravishing statement.
I now know that there is a god, last night whilst my two male friends were teasing me about my character, a man on a white charger came over and offered his hand in marriage.  Perfect timing. It is worth believing there is a god, after all.

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