Sunday, 15 September 2013


Fashion week has hit London and I had so many invitations last night, that to try and be at three different places was impossible. I had to miss my favourite friends, Pablo Ganguli and Tomas Auksas at the Sanderson Hotel. I had been asked a few weeks ago by Peter Medak for a concert. I thought it would be a classical concert, it was not.
By the kind invitation of Peter Medak.

The thought of the "Wall" did not thrill me, in my mind I pre judged, I thought it not my bag. Actually generally rock music is not my bag.Classical concerts are.
However, there is something so incredible about an audience of 90.000 people cheering,  that  I knew that I was at the right place at the right time.

Slogans, controversy. Is Roger anti Jewish, establishment?  I think he likes to question more than anything else. What is wrong with that?  I loved the bear with peace symbols, did it say "Can you trust" It was as outrageous today, as it was yesterday, and perhaps more so. The wall hides the players, hides the truth, out pops Roger  sitting in his drawing room, then fighting for the peoples rights? Palestinian/Israeli problem? Nazis? He says it all. Well I agree with him. Surely he can say what he thinks?
Making people think is always a problem, but he did it beautifully. Fit and sexy at 70, this man man has it all. Clearly egoistical, I have decided I like huge egoists.
With this in mind I have become a fan overnight.
When you think about filling Wembley you have to admire those that can, Madonna etc?. They have the IT factor.
Behind the VIP scenes I had drinks with Sean Penn, Christiane Amanpour, the clever female journalist, one of his best friends in a celebrity hide out.
To my astonishment I saw one old old friend there that I had not seen since I was at pony club aged 16.  Actually she looked amazing. I went up to her and said "Arabella do you remember me?"( Last time we saw each other I was jodphurs and I looked out of a Thelwell cartoon) she pretended she did.
Some of the men looked though shocking. I  do wish they would use BOTOX and have a facelift, I might find someone I fancy.. Come on men, get into shape, get with the programme, don't dye your hair, but at leastlet me be able to see your fabulousness?.

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