Friday, 2 August 2013


Everybody on the planet is ruled by the Goddesses of celebrity with Jennifer Lopez  fighting up there to be the Virgin Mary and George Clooney the ageing Jesus.  If one more person name drops I shall stab them because their idea of success is not mine.
Thank goodness for  Woody Allen and Tennessee Williams. Life would be a whole lot more dull without these two, who walk hand in hand in Allen's brilliant new film, Jasmine Blue. Cate Blanchett, who played the part of Blanche Dubois in A street car named desire, two or three years ago in Australia,  gives an Oscar winning performance. I defy many women to beat her this year, and Hollywood I am sure will recognise her for her brilliant work, or will they?.
It is a year where women are seen suffering in film. Lovelace which is beautifully acted by Amanda Seyfried is compelling. Lovelace suffered so much for a few measly dollars. 
Another girl acted well is Vanessa Hudgens who completely changed herself for Nick Cages film On Frozen Ground. A little adorable cutie with great style who in the film plays a beaten up whore who is raped with black eyes. 

I must mention my film too, which Justine Glenton acted in, The gun the cake and the butterfly. Although I say it myself, it is an award winning film, Justine should win an Oscar for being with me for three years as well as for her passionate performance.
Emmanuelle Seigner who was in Velvet and Fur directed by Polanski was quite incredible, she played the ditzy out of work actress. I photographed her for Jimmy Choo shoes a few years ago.
I love her ability. V and A is a really engrossing film,  and was a brilliant play. Emmanuelle pulled it off, carried by the music of Desplat's. An incredible combination.

Los Angeles is non stop busy, wonderful. Yesterday I went to a fabulous art show on Fairfax, the street for Skate boarders, where the men are so tall and big. I walked into the most funky looking hair salon on the planet that fits nicely into the sparklier side of LA. Think blue Pucci on drugs and it was definitely on the Goo.
Now I am about to enter the world of my friend Lisa Zane tonight who is singing at Vitellos in Los Angeles.
That is another one with talent.
In the meantime I have dumped hanging out with an old boyfriend who mentioned that I needed Lithium and prescribing it for me as we walked around buying art. He also mentioned eating disorders at least twenty five times, and that I was mad. Well I am, and he was replaceable, and replaced. I had fun though looking through his i phone replacing photographs of his girlfriend with me which he instantly had gobbled up into his waste disposal. 
Why is buying a cucumber so sexy for a man? I was just thinking about making a salad, in Whole Foods, instead men hassle me for dates and my autograph. Maybe it was because I was in gym gear and hadn't had my make up done?.

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