Wednesday, 21 August 2013


Back in England the sun is shining and thank goodness for normality. The guns are put away, no need for them on a beautiful day like today.
A few nights ago I had the incredible pleasure of seeing Billy Zane's film "Big Kiss" which was hidden away for ten years, while studios were fighting. Los Angeles seems to be either fucking or fighting.  Nothing is calm,  the wild west is out there, I swear that is why everybody is doing Yoga and visiting some guru, the land of make believe is always trying to be good.  Anyway his film is a light comedy about a jewellery theft in the South of France.  With thefts happening so often, I always used to think that the insurance companies were behind them, in this film there were  cat burglars and a team of athletic Russians. A thoroughly enjoyable evening.  The casting is perfect and everybody looks glamorous, of course I am dying to tell you the whole story but in this case I think a little distance makes it all the more fascinating.  Billy is charming always, with his handsome looks, he is very much the leading man. I love his sister Lisa Zane who sings beautifully in my film The gun the cake and the butterfly.

I have a new favourite place to buy clothes in Los Angles, Nikki Rich Clothing. Their jackets are the best, they make you look fabulous.  I had some fabulous photographs of me wearing one of them.  His lighting is totally fabulous he also helped me with my film. The mystical Boris.
There are so many places I love in Los Angeles I shall name them here.
1. Tonya Crooks for Eyebrows
2. Angela Kalinowski , Le Salon at the Sofitel, for hair is my favourite hairdresser there
3. Beverly Hills Hotel, for chic living
4. The Kings Road Cafe for breakfasts of bacon with Avocado.
5. The Beverly Hills Hotel by the pool
6. Soho House to watch the beautiful people to have meetings, and enjoy stunning views.
7. Marchesa for beautiful long dresses
8. The Fig and Olive on Melrose for a quick lunch
9. Fred Segals for everything, from food to the fantastic clothes and snaky jeans for men. They guarantee sexy legs after that.
10. Helmut Lang, Melrose, gives the rock chick look
11. Diana Von Furstenberg, wrap around chic
12. Loree Rodkin for rings to get your armour on
13. Martyn Lawrence Bullard For fabulous interiors.
14. Nancy Sill for Real Estate who has sold me two houses and really looks after me.
15. Macha Theatre for plays with a difference.
16. Nobu in Malibu, I love to go there on Sundays, where food is beautifully ordered by Alice Bamford..
17. Top artists from Billy Zane, Yassi Mazandi, Damien Elwes, Leadapron, Michael Flechtner and Nigel Daly.
18. The Helmut Newton Exhibition, CAA building, shows the real world inside the building.
19. LACMA for education and stunning paintings.
20. Andrew Freedman for public relations
21. The Chateau Marmont for star studded dinner in a gothic hotel. I love the little rooms at the back.
22. Gels.

I am now speeding through Hollywood having a great time in my customised Mustang, by Saleen.
Got four rude letters this week, it's the year of the snake I have to remember.

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