Friday, 30 August 2013


 I have known about the power of the Female, but here in Venice, the mouth of the world, it feels like we have power again.  The artwork, although not original,  at the Biennale is a good reminder to remember this and the stupidity of man.Their seven deadly sins, that never improve. Also there were three female judges at the Film Festival and now there seemed more women than men. We have fought back.

I was with a man two weeks ago, who said to me that the Pussy, was the most ugly things in the world.  It was his stupidity and ignorance, along with his blindness for his own penis, that makes me write this.  Without this nothing happens, a baby is born with this. The vagina gives real pleasure,when and  when not in love, it brings forth life in all animals.  Men nowadays seem frightened of them, they are not fake.  There are rude jokes made about the female genetalia.
"How can you trust somethings that bleeds once a month" This is so incredibly insulting to the female, and there is a  need to re think.

The dressing down of  Venice comes with the facile nature of it's adverts, James Franco looking pissed, from the night before in the Gucci advert, at the entrance of St Mark's Square, as you depart from the boat. Do we really need clothes on a man to advertise Film? I am a fashion editor as well as having made my first film, and I say this.

My view s that we are changing sex, like rats, I believe there are more than just two sexes, but only the  real female sex can reproduce, and as yet,  thank goodness we cannot breed in laboratories.  A baby is made in the womb, the power of the universe.

As women in the West, we are not allowed to mention female power, it is distasteful, vulgar.  In China, the women were thrown down gutters, killed for it, and so on, around the world, a revolting propaganda, which I can only assume is caused to lower the population, which would be a magnificent thing.
Through the Art Biennale this year, in Venice, there were masses of portraits popularising the Vagina and the power of Women.

 I especially loved the Russian Pavilion, by protagonist Vadim Zakharov, nothing to do with it, but to do with ego, power, the disintegration of the human, it's baseness, it's love of the material and the stealing of a powerful nation by big business men, within their own system.
I loved this the most. The plainness, it's honesty.
With coins marked, trust, unity, love and freedom. Raining coins on one level, the making of coins on another, a man in a Prada suit, smart, pulling a bucket up from a hole to refill the depleting ladder of evan more coins.
Let's wake up and see what is real, what is fake?
The wonderful Hen Harrier bird of prey, again the female, a painting and a film by Jeremy Deller,  The British Pavilion taking its revenge on a Range Rover, picking it up and destroying it with two claws. Nature will return and win with full force.
The Woman is very real, and the animal in it, will win.
 I am not a man hater, I love them, I like  real  men. I don't want to keep them, I don't want to boss them around or make them cry. I want to make love to them and laugh with them, walk shoulder to shoulder with them, and that is all. Oh and my vagina to worship their very fine prick.

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