Wednesday, 31 July 2013


Yes I admit it I am a weirdo. I thought I was the only person that knew this. Deep in my soul everything is upside down. My views, values thoughts, nothing is quite like my friends. I usually try to either conform or hide this fact. I like to fit in yet do not. I like to break out. When I do there is no stopping me. I would love to wear a burka then I could get away with everything. I now understand why they are popular and why girls like to be hidden. They do or they would not wear this gloomy garb?. It is not just religious, it also hides thoughts, looks, dreams everything in fact. If you cannot see someone and they cannot see you, in a way you are in bliss.
Nobody can tell you what you are doing is wrong. There is no outside judgement.
However Madame Arcati likes her weirdos glam. I understand that too. Why look at someone who is not attractive. My sons come round and if I look a mess, ask when the make up and hair are coming, for them it is an immediate necessity.
I used to wake up looking better than when I had just been to a hairdresser. Now its an hour job to look the same. I am glam and I am definitely a weirdo.
Thank you for the compliment MA.
I think that if I were able to release the film normally, there would not be cues round the block for its brilliance, but for the actions in it.
It is a work of art yet not. It is not an Amanda Eliasch commercial, Amanda is the only person that I can be honest with. The rest of humanity I have to be rather polite and kind with.
I am missing, on the whole,  all of the "mean gene", although don't be late, and don't be dishonest with me, or you will get the lash of my tongue.


Jon R Schlueter said...

Interesting. It's a cliché that we have an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other chattering into our ears trying to get us to go one way or the other. Do they share our shoulders with an exhibitionist and a hermit?

Madame Arcati said...

Glam artifice is part of the weirdo package, poppet - appearance must say something; it requires a degree of work as you know. If my permanent fiancee Molly Parkin now appears to be the pope in her shoulder to foot shiny shroud, with Andrew Logan shattered glass jewellery in place of crucifix, this is part of her life-work in imposing a weird ego upon a desultory world. Not bad for 81! Nasty hair usually indicates a catalogue thought. Lots of love - I must see your movie x