Thursday, 11 July 2013


I am not a lover of jewellery, not truly. Rarely do I see things that I dream about but today in at 7 Carlos Place, I saw new individual style that I have not seen for a long time. That is not say I do not love Loree Rodkin's rings, or Stephen Webster's style or the glove of Sean Leane, or  his woodland range,
he made for Asprey's. Which I love and a percentage went to saving trees in England. I love being a bit of a do gooder.  It makes you feel a better human being.  Getting back to 7 Carlos Place. These girls have style.  Jessica McCormack's atelier or gallery is a wonderful place to hang out, have coffee, smoke a cigarette and admire her taste and that of her friends.  You can make individual pieces, and send jewels with messages using different stones.  I could have spent all day there. We were then taken for a delicious lunch at the Connaught. Afterwards a trip to Lanvin was all that was needed to end a perfect fun afternoon with wits and talented girls.

 It is just would not go into debt for a ring or two.  Evan if I were a billionaire you would not find me thinking about it. I usually prefer art. That is my downfall, or one or two black dresses, as if I have not got enough. In fact I would rather make a film.  Today though I simply fell in love with some earrings by Jessica McCormack. I also last week fell in love with a ring from Elena Votsi.

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