Wednesday, 24 July 2013


When one person dies in a week that you love you are bereft, but last week I lost three important people in my life.

It all seems a long time ago, I was wearing a mini skirt and laughing when I met Alek Keshishian, writer  and David Collins, I was being ridiculous and they were teasing me. I don't remember the year, just that I was merry on life.  It must have been about 12 years ago. I loved David Collins the minute I met him. It is all a haze, yet not. I then stayed friends with him. I just knew what he was thinking and the advice he gave me was incredible. I knew I could trust him. I never expect any of my friends to die and with the news that he had left us last week,  I know his family will feel huge grief. He was glamorous  and witty whilst giving intelligent advice. His work ethic was totally professional and he has provided us with some of the most stunning restaurants in the world amongst them my favourite The Wolesley. He was out of the 1920's in so many ways crossed with the fabulous life of Andy Warhol. Taste and flamboyance were huge considerations. The Connaught, Claridges and all his other incredible projects will live on.

I also lost my old family gardener, Lionel Dobson who I only saw  three months ago.  He had worked for my grandparents at their house in Wiltshire, Embrook House, Hilcot, where they created the most spectacular garden on the planet, when I was a child. I used to have to help pick the fruit and vegetable for Sunday lunch. The design of the garden was by Vernon Russell Smith.  I am so pleased I went to see him taking with me a cake and some bread. We laughed together and he repeated to me again  all the stories  when I was a child.

Lastly my great uncle, Lesley Gilliat, brother to my Grandfather Sidney Gilliat, film director writer and producer. Lesley used to be his producer.  He was brilliant at sailing and I remember as a child often going on his boat.

All three of these wonderful people in different ways, will be missed.
Rest in peace my lovely friends and family.

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Rick Davy said...

Hi there. I am so sorry to read about your losses, especially your great uncle. I run a website at in aid of a children's hospice. The website is about a TV series called The Prisoner, which Leslie Gilliat was the original co-producer of. I would like, with your permission, to use a photo from your blog of you and him and run a little tribute on the website about him. Would that be ok? My email is Thankyou :)