Tuesday, 30 July 2013


Today I realise I like making films more than clothes, well this is what I am telling myself. I am on a huge diet, I do not want to buy another black dress, and I want to start my next film as soon as possible. It is the most exciting adventure of my life. I am learning so much and have met incredibly intelligent and inspiring people. All I want to do is to be locked into a room and write. I want to write a thriller something dark and surprising.  The gun the cake and the butterfly has been an interesting adventure. I used 8 cinema photographers, two editors and an amazing production house called Anarchy Post in Los Angeles. After winning best ART PRIZE in NYCIFF and Ischia Global Film Festival the Lina Wertmuller prize in memory of her husband Enrico Jobb, I feel on top of the world. Pascale Vicedomini who runs Ischia Global is the most charming and clever man in the world. He manages to get Baz Luhrmann, Nick Cage, Arnon Milchan, Trudi Styler, Joel Shumacher, Emmanuelle Seigner, Nastassja Kinski, Mike Newell altogether in intimate surroundings. The famous, the brilliant, the new. He has a grand dream which he makes real.

 I was laughing with friends yesterday that I want to make another film but need to sell my house in Cheyne Walk.  If I lose weight I can then fit into my vintage clothes which would be good as I can hunt in my storage rooms for little lost numbers and believe they are new. People are not easy in the film world,  in fact they were mostly hell. This made the whole thing evan more interesting, nothing like friction to get the adrenalin going.
I had several offers yesterday, one was doing a reality TV show, I am not sure about this I may not want to show my knickers to the world on a regular basis. 
I am also asked why there are so few women in the business, now I know, as there is a battlefield every day, and few woman want this. I think men have more menstrual  and ego problems than woman.   Never mind today is sunny in Los Angeles, I am meeting my favourite actor Michael Wincott, and dreaming about another lunch under a gentle spray to keep us cool whiles we eat. Yoga on my terrace and a smile on every corner. My world here is a beautiful delicious uneaten oyster. 

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