Wednesday, 10 July 2013


I want to run for Parliament. I believe I can, why not? I have time and energy.

Last year people sneered that I could not make a film, this year I am winning prizes. First the NYCIFF and the Ischia Global Film Festival, nominated in The New Media Film Festival and accepted to be shown at The Bel Air Film Festival, for my film The gun the cake and the butterfly.

 I feel this country badly needs help. Help comes in all shapes and sizes. It is a huge mess, now David Cameron wants to look East. I thought we already had?.  Last week a girlfriend's housekeeper who is illegal, told me that she would go to Hackney to get onto the NHS with no questions asked? This is outrageous?. Of course we wish to help other countries but is there no stopping our reckless generosity?
Money has to come from somewhere?.  Another friend is very ill, a GB tax payer,  has had to wait for three months to see a doctor despite numerous tumours on his thyroid gland. We cannot keep the safety net open for the whole world? Has our government gone mad?

Perhaps UKIP or EDL will put me to good work?

In any case with four or five charities under my belt and a great sense of humour I truly think I can help this country say how it is.  Two hundred pounds will not hit the spot for foreigners entering the NHS, have they not done the maths? Assuming curing cancer on one patient alone can cost up to 150,000 pounds this is not going to work?

Schooling has created an underclass, a class that cannot read and write. What is the point of sending a child to school where English is not the first language? What is the point of bringing people to this country where there first love is back home and they feel nothing for Great Britain. How do we make them integrate, how do we make them feel a community?
What is Great Britain?. Do new foreigners know the  names of our trees, the breeds of cows, the sheep, do they  mean anything in Mile End Road. Our composers, Wordsworth? Do the immigrants know the poem "I wandered lonely as a cloud". Siegfried Sassoon, Purcell, Byron, Henry V111, The war of the roses, hedgerows, The Marlborough Downs, The Lake District, the need for gumboots? Dylan Thomas's Under Milk Wood? Are these things important?
Can we all wake up before it is too late and contribute to the saving of a wonderful country?

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