Sunday, 23 June 2013


I am a biter and scratcher by nature and anyone is welcome to take pictures anytime, I don't give shit, some men need training.
Frankly we need to lighten up. I got a lecture from my favourite Rabbi about Sharia Law, and although I am in great disapproval of women being bashed up, I cannot believe that my friend Charles has turned into a Muslim. Of course he could have been discreet, but who needs discretion, it's a bore and as I said last week, The Kardashian's talk about strap ons and anal sex before 9.30 in the morning. I think England is remarkably tame. I shall try to liven things up with my award winning film, The gun the cake and the butterfly. God I  like banging on about it. I am gazing at the statuette with a sick grin on my face. Don't you dare try to wipe it off  this week, particularly outside Scotts.
To make a change..
 I have decided to match Ascot hats with dogs.
 Snitched from the Guardian, as I could not believe my eyes. It truly was a colourful week in London.
The absurdity of the crazy dog competition
Dapper man with flowers

My most favourite look was Lady Helen Taylor. Who was bang up to date with a berry, see through round glasses and a mustard and pink dress. She looked terrific and she matches the poodle who was the best groomed. Contemporary and edgy Lady Helen gave us the look of the season.
Lady Helen Taylor

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