Thursday, 20 June 2013


New York never sleeps and neither do I much.
Last night I cheered my lovely pal Belinda Carlisle on while she sang with the Go Go's her band. She of course is also a solo artist. I love her we have had so much fun in the past. It is wonderful to revisit the past with music. Music does it so well. She now practises Yoga on a full time basis and it shows. Svelte, and beautiful proves that this magical routine can keep you suspended in time. Justine Glenton who is in my film The gun the cake and the butterfly looks youthful as does Madonna. These women look better every year.

It was a day of meeting old friends. I stopped by John Barrett's hair salon and was given the most incredible creation by John Barrett himself. I loved it. Slightly tousled as if I had been in bed all afternoon. If only? I also had incredible make up with Tom Ford's products? Is there anything this man does not do well. My goodness everything is so chic and I splash his scents all over me, having bought several I shall now be able to do this on a regular basis.
I then was leaving Bergdorf Goodman when I bumped into another friend, Cornelia Guest. We once spent a wonderful Summer together in the South of France, laughing and playing. She is so much fun in an up market glamorous way. At the same time she helps animals worldwide, is a philanthropist, has an on line shop and has left her debutante life behind doing good works. It shows in her face, She looks radiant.

I arrived back at the  hotel to be given Rose Hartmann's wonderful book in Incomparable Women of Style by my publicist from Andrew Freedman. It is good to be reminded that amongst the badly dressed women on the street there are women everywhere who are totally ravishing and exceptional. Rose has a huge personality with loyalty with an ability to be everywhere. She came to my play As I like it, and then arrived at my film. With Anthony Haden Guest writing your forward you are one lucky woman.

New York is a rough tough City but if you make an effort your get rewarded. Either you have too much or too little, it  definitely swings between hell and heaven.

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