Monday, 17 June 2013


This is a request for sanity? Give the Saatchi's peace of mind.
Every man occasionally wishes to strangle their wife, and he looks like he is checking her glands. In any case he has given more to the British public than most, I for one have enjoyed his brilliant brain and the cleverness of Nigella, it is all bullshit.  Gossip columns whilst they are fun to read, are shameful and cause unnecessary problems. Once I had the Daily Mail in my drawing room saying to me that they had photographs. I answered back you should get a proper job, and I am sure they are wildly exciting.  They were not. I could have played a double bluff. This incident however put my marriage firmly on the rocks, to a man, that ultimately I could have been happy with. It is so destructive. Their  children should be considered. They have already gone through enough. The photographer is at fault. He should be blamed, not Mr Saatchi. If he were in the wrong the family should be allowed to quietly sort out the problem. Charles is complicated he could not create what he does if he was not. Nigella is a big and intelligent girl, if there was violence at home, which I doubt, she is able to quickly sort that out. There is more likely to be a chicken sandwich in bed, and a backgammon game.  I shall always love the enigma of Charles Saatchi. England has become a 'political correctness' bore. I am sure he was just helping her not swallow another persons cooking.

On another note I have a film opening tonight as everybody who reads this column knows and that is much more interesting. It is positive. Roberto Rizzo kindly selected my film, giving me a chance to show New Yorkers, my life. Not that my life is more important than anybody else's just the one that I know best. The gun the cake and the butterfly is a labour of love and with all its faults, glitz and soul I think in 75 minutes the production team at Anarchy Post did a brilliant job as did all the cast and production teams along the line. Tonights the night. Tribeca Cinema, 54 Verick Street, 8pm.

In a fight once with an ex husband I picked up the coffee machine, is that violence? Yes it was? However he had his new girl friend's photographs all over the desk and we had not got divorced. Who was more violent? Who was in the wrong? Both of us. Use common sense, all relationships are tricky, and the most pious have the most problems, so check out your own wardrobes before you make comments.  

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